Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13 = Blame Someone Else Day

This rant is brought to you by this day, August 13, also known as Blame Someone Else Day.  Who are you blaming and why?

Money does not solve the world’s problems.  Nor does it buy happiness.  Sometimes money doesn’t buy much of anything. 

It’s interesting to me to see the economic recession adults are all painfully aware of.  What I find most interesting is how everyone knows that nobody has any money yet somehow the cost of everything continues to go up just to exacerbate the problem further.  Like charging people fees for using debit cards!  Because that makes sense. 

So does paying $300 for someone else’s mistake!  But we did.  Don’t think we’re stupid.  There’s a whole story here that I don’t understand half the details of to explain properly.  We’re out $300 and life is unfair more often than not. 

You know what else makes total sense?  Paying $45 to get Parker completely immunized.  That makes absolute sense.  I’m not angry about that nor am I angry that I will probably lose $30 of that credit in January.  I don’t know that but I wouldn’t be surprised if I do.  I’m also not irritated that I paid today’s copayment in cash and the receptionist didn’t even offer me a receipt and I didn’t even think to ask.  So I have no proof of payment. 

When I went to the school to show them the up to date immunization card the office was closed and would be for the next hour.  I wasn’t going back.  It does not take four people (me and my three kids) to convince the school to allow Parker to attend in eleven days.  I mailed a copy of the card.  The gas saved and the cost of the stamp balance each other out right?  I never thought I would hate having two kids with summer birthdays but today I did. 

I’m just holding my breath for the school to send me another letter stating in bold capital letters that Parker cannot attend because the medical form they accepted in the spring from his 4 year well child checkup is out of date and I should have had the doctor fill out another one but I didn’t because they told me I didn’t have to.  Wow.  Nice paragraph long sentence! 

I’m not annoyed.  Not me.  I’m not trying with every bit of what little self control I have to not give in to my favorite sins.  I’m also very ok with the fact that I have to wake up early tomorrow and go to the hospital again to get my blood drawn.  Going to the hospital three days in a row is what every normal person does right?  Am I pregnant?  No.  Just a diabetic mother. 

When my OB/GYN asked me yesterday if I was still happy with my tubal ligation I told her yes.  And when I jokingly asked her why I still have to deal with everything else that comes with being a woman, she told me she could emblazon the lining in my uterus.  She talked straight out of a horror movie by saying if they char it really well I may never bleed again.  No thank you, I said.  My periods aren’t that bad.  Annoying but not that bad! 

And that’s today’s lesson I suppose.  I may be in a really rotten mood but it’s not that bad.  Nothing is ever as bad as we think “except death, and even then I’m sure God negotiates.”  (quote from the movie Ever After)

3 thoughts:

Dawn said...

Wow! I am glad I am a thousand miles away today. Look out world here comes a not angry Tristan. Good thing we love you.

Ray Colon said...

Drat! I missed it. Can I file for a Blame Someone Else Day extension?

Like most, I don't like debit card fees and rarely use ATMs for that reason. Some banks, like ETrade, where I have a second checking account - that's linked to my near empty brokerage account - reimburse me for any ATM fees that I incur. Pretty cool, huh? Also, a local gas station has an ATM with no fees.

Hope it was a fulfilling rant. :)


MT said...

You can blame me for leaving you an award on my blog today. ;)