Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aw Poop!

The events unfolded something like this

Parker:  Why do I always have to poop?
Me:  I don’t know.
P:  I poop every day!
M:  That’s good.  That means you’re normal.

He stopped looking so uncomfortable and went back to playing.

M:  Do you have to poop now?
P:  No.
M:  Ok, if you have to poop just go.
P:  Ok.

A while later the toilet flushed.  Out came Parker. 

P:  Mom, I washed my bum but there’s just poop water.
M:  What?
P:  Come see.

I thought maybe he used too much toilet paper and the toilet was clogged.  No.  There was diarrhea juice spots all over the bathroom floor. 

M:  This happened when you went into the bathroom?
P:  Yes.  This is not a good day. 

After one dose of Children’s Pepto Bismol he has been fine for the last several hours.  Whatever it was it’s gone now.  But I had to preserve the conversation because it was too cute. 

2 thoughts:

Jenni said...

That sounds like a very poopy situation! But don't worry, we've all been there. Cute conversation, I bet he's glad to know that normal is to poop every day! lol :)

Dawn said...

Parker, I have some of those "not good days" myself. I am so glad you are normal.