Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby feet in sandals - Priceless


Flip flop sandals - $1
Bouquet of jeweled flowers - $6
Spool of ribbon in Gwen’s signature color - $3

The sandals were a pain in the butt.  First I saw hot pink sandals but of course there were none in Gwen’s size.  I settled for some royal blue ones but after choosing the flowers and ribbon I didn’t think it matched that well.  So I switched to a pair of turquoise sandals.  The next day I cut off the tags, put the sandals on her, and immediately saw that they did not fit. 

I was frustrated.  Heath knows how much I hate shopping and he could see how upset I was so he went back to the store for me.  We discussed colors before he left.  He called to say that there was not a single pair in her size.  How about black in the next size up?  Sure. 

New pricing:

Flip flop sandals - $1.66 (the sandals were 66 cents when Heath went back)
Jeweled flowers - $6
Ribbon - $3

With pandora.com serenading my creativity and my hot glue gun burning my fingers, I turned plain flip flops into a work of art.


Sometimes I surprise myself with how cute I can make things! 


Here’s the problem with the black sandals.  They almost fit me!  Who knew?  Here’s the problem with my feet.  They are dry and yucky because I never wear socks and I hardly ever wear shoes.  That part I did know!

I looked at my extra supplies, shrugged, and decided to turn




into this. 

How cute are those sandals?  I love the toes on the soles but the ribbon and flowers make these sandals even cuter. 


Baby feet in cute sandals – priceless
Knowing I saved myself $20 by not buying sandals at the What Women Want Expo that someone else decorated – priceless
And I know I would have bought them too small. 

I forget that Gwen isn’t really a baby anymore.  It all worked out.  She now has two pair of pretty sandals to run around in.

pretty-sandals-013 pretty-sandals-014

The sandals match her outfit better now that they’re decorated.  She dresses herself can you tell? 

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

Great job! I almost wish I wore flip flops so I could make me some.

sugarpierdh said...

Those turned out sooo cute! Way to go crafty momma.