Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy Girl


This is what I saw on my way downstairs this morning. 


Gwen was busy.

Sadly, I don’t have any more pictures from today.  It’s sad because we had a fun day where I was in awe of Gwen and her quirky little personality. 

We went shopping. 

I found an old receipt on the fridge for 15% off of kids clothing at Sears.  It expires on September 1.  While temperatures almost reached 90 degrees today, a good 20 degree increase over yesterday’s temps, I know it won’t last forever.  Gwen needs new pants and she is in desperate need of new socks.  So I suppressed my agoraphobic anxiety to take Gwen shopping. 

Gwen was born all girl.  It makes me believe in nature more than nurture because she is who she is.  A girly girl and I love it!  This is a girl who is happiest in dresses playing with cars and trains.  And she loves shopping.  Lucky for Heath I don’t love shopping or his wallet would be in a world of hurt. 

After we dropped off Parker, Gwen and I headed to the mall.  I should have searched for the song “Shopping” by the Bare Naked Ladies so we could listen on our way but I didn’t. 

I realized halfway there that I forgot to put the stroller back in the van.  Gwen is getting much better at staying focused while she walks so I’ve been letting her walk more.  I figured she could handle the mall without a stroller in the early afternoon of a random Tuesday.  I told her I forgot the stroller and that meant she would have to hold my hand and listen to me.  She agreed, pleased with the increased responsibility I was trusting her with. 

We took the elevator up to the third floor of Sears.  She was so stoked.  Then we wandered around for a minute trying to find where the hey they display her size.  She is the age of a toddler but she’s tall enough for 4T clothes which are the biggest toddler size and the smallest girl size.  I finally found some clearance racks that seemed to have enough bigger toddler sizes to choose from. 

The 4T clothes seemed way too big.  So I grabbed everything in 3T wondering if I was crazy since she was too tall for the 3T jeans she wore last winter.  Then we went into the dressing room. 

You had to be there for the dressing room experience.  She was so funny.  She was so excited to try on clothes so she was very patient as I helped her get into the pants.  Before I could finish pulling them up all the way, much less straightening them out, she was across the handicapped dressing room and in front of the mirror. 

Gwen:  These fit me Mommy! 
Me:  Come here.  Let me see if they're long enough.

She never came.  No, she was too busy admiring herself in the mirror.  Bill Engvall played in my mind over and over especially the line, “You better be looking for the price tag!”  Is it an innate girl thing to try on a pair of pants and turn in that sexy awkward way to check out your own butt?  That’s what my two year old was doing!  If only I had my camera.  At one point she was kissing her reflection!  She cracks me up so easily I can’t even tell her not to do disgusting things. 

Well, the 3T pants fit but a little too perfectly.  You know the length where you have to wonder if they will suddenly transform into floods after one washing.  The length where parents know if those pants are bought today they will not fit in two months.  I replaced everything with 4T pants while Gwen made friends with all the mannequins.  She also ran around gasping and exulting over everything.

Gwen:  I want that butterfly!  Ooh, I like that pirate doggy.  Argh!  He’s mad.  See?  Wook!  Mickey Mouse!  Where’s TeeBoBo?  Pretty dress.  I want that pretty dress. 

It was hard not to laugh at her.  She was beyond thrilled to be alone with her mommy in a store full of clothes and underwear.  I felt like Mommy of the Year today.  Until Parker yelled at me for making him wait a whole two minutes to pick him up.  Apparently Gwen walks too slow so I need to leave to pick up the boys sooner. 

Anyway, Gwen was a great shopping companion.  We tried everything on in the 4T size and I was much happier with the length.  She refused to wear her own clothes because she wanted me to put the Elmo shirt back on.  And when I asked which pair of pants she wanted in addition to the pants that came with the Elmo shirt it took her a minute to realize Elmo was a given. 

She fondled all the underwear while I picked out some socks.  Then we were ready to make a major purchase.  I hoped Heath would be ok with what I got for her.  I think he’ll be fine since two pair of jeans, a long sleeved Elmo shirt, and 10 pair of socks totaled less than $30.  Sales prices plus 15% off and I scored big time. 

I am so not a bargain shopper.  I’m a get in, get exactly what is on the list without looking at choices, and get out as soon as possible person.  So when I save money it’s kind of a big deal!   

Gwen really wanted to take the escalator down.  That was an adventure!  I managed to get her on after she hesitated and my legs were in the splits for a brief second.  But we made it safely down both escalators to the ground floor. 

I wanted to leave.  With every part of me I wanted to leave.  But Mother of the Year stuck around for a while longer while I asked if she wanted to walk around.  We wandered for a bit before she found the sitting areas with the beads for the kids to play with. 


You know, one of these things. 

Gwen played to her hearts content and I sat in a chair enjoying watching her and knowing she’s my little girl. 

We spent almost two hours at the mall just hanging out together.  Finally it was time to go home.  Saying we had to pick up the boys soon was the only thing that dragged her away from the table of beads. 

Once we got home she brought me scissors (so scary when she gets a hold of stuff like that!) and insisted I cut the tags off her socks.  She picked a pair of pink and white socks that look almost like little dancing shoes that lace up the ankle with a real bow in the back.  Then we got the boys. 

I am so loving having Gwen all to myself for a few hours every day.  I was nervous at first since I have not had one kid since before Parker was born.  But it has been a blast so far.  Who knew that shopping could be so fun? 

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