Monday, August 16, 2010


There is nothing more satisfying than creativity.  Creativity is what drives people.  It’s a way of making work beautiful and meaningful.  It’s how people play. 

Watching children engage in creative play is so refreshing and inspiring.  Have you ever witnessed children’s creative play?  It’s like being a fly on the wall of a magical world. 

Perhaps the most amazing part is watching siblings interact with perfect stranger siblings.  Creativity starts out a little slow.  After a minute or two it picks up quickly as the kids all riff off of each other’s ideas building the scene more. 

Spectators aren’t even sure of the storyline but soon become transfixed by the magic of it all.  Firefighters, a fire house, a regular house, fire monsters and safe zones in the shade.  Something about crossing a desert where all four kids ran across the volleyball sand pit.  At one point the kids used their fingers as squirt guns to put out the flames launched at them by the fire monsters. 

They turned the wheel on the toddler play structure to start the hourglasses of soap/stars and beads.  Apparently this meant they had exactly eleven minutes to get out.  Seven year olds are still working on a meaningful concept of time.  The eight year old was the leader and would yell to her team to get out quickly.  The five year old would rush out ahead of the others then climb back up the ladder screaming, “Hurry!  It’s going to explode!”  The three year old mostly repeated everything everyone said and ran alongside them all. 

In the middle of all the fire and running around until they were flushed and sweaty, a tiny pixie world existed.  Underneath the toddler play structure were three little girls; a 12-15 month old and a pair of two year olds.  One two year old was a stranger to the other girls.  Not a lot was said out loud but the telepathic communication was obvious.  The girls ducked under the spider web of poles supporting the play structure.  They walked around in circles doing that for a good quarter of an hour.  The game was that fun for them. 

Eventually kids had to go home.  The pixie girls barely said audible goodbyes but they sweetly waved.  The 12-15 month old blew kisses.  Moms said courteous goodbyes and the two year old ran back to sneak in another wave to the two year old in the stroller.  In a matter of seconds the newfound friends were gone. 

Mom came to pick up Grandma and the eight and three year old along with their baby brother.  Enthusiastic goodbyes were said.  Moms exchanged pleasantries as comfortable with each other as the kids had been in the beginning.  “Maybe we’ll see you here again!” was more than just a nice thing to say.  General directions were given regarding where everyone lived.  “We just live over there” with vague pointing and “We’re on the other side of the park.”  School names were mentioned but the kids went to different schools. 

They left.  The fire scene bled back into reality.  Suddenly the playground was just a playground again.  And oh so lonely.  Maybe they’ll find each other again.  They are kindred spirits after all. 

If not, the memories will live on forever in the hearts of participants and flies on the wall alike.  What a blessing creativity gave everyone that day.

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