Friday, August 27, 2010

More Say What

I may as well post this one too!  The last two conversations happened today. 

Parker:  Is that a taxi or just a yellow car?
Me:  It’s a yellow sports car.
Gavin:  A sports car?  Cars don’t play sports!

Gwen:  You God and I a princess!
Me:  I’m God?  Is that what you said?
Gwen:  Yes.  You God and I a princess.

Parker:  Mom, I hate to tell you this . . .
Me:  That doesn’t sound good.  What do you need to tell me that you hate to tell me?
P:  My friend didn’t share with me again today.  I telled Ms. K.
M:  What did she say?
P:  That she would take someone out.
M:  She was going to take someone out?  What does that mean?
P:  A time out.
M:  Oh.

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