Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nobody Told Me

Nobody told me that life with a 4 year old, 2 year old, and a collicky infant suffering from acid reflux was the easy part! 

Ages 7, 5, and 2 are much more difficult.

I can only imagine it gets harder and harder before it gets easier. 

Maybe 27, 25, and 22 will be easier ages. 

But I doubt it.

Nobody told me that late nights and sporadic naps with a baby would repeat itself later in my 2 year old. 

She’s running on manipulation now. 

Nobody told me that everything would take longer and feel harder when the world assumes I know what I’m doing because my kids are older now. 

Nobody told me that self sufficient children suddenly forget how to do everything when they know I’m in a hurry. 

Nobody told me that stress breeds more stress and that Diet Coke in my fridge will only give me a heart attack if I drink it. 

Somebody told me, I’m sure, but I wasn’t listening. 

Nobody told me that my house would be cleaner with atomic orange baby food spit up constantly spewing out of my baby than it is now that everyone can feed themselves. 

Clean houses are overrated right?

Nobody told me that I would retreat to an office with invisible walls several times a day just to catch my breath. 

Nobody told me that my kids would hug each other every day.

Nobody told me that my little girl would ask where her boys are when she misses her brothers at school. 

Nobody told me she would hold my hand and be my best friend for three hours every afternoon. 

Nobody told me that my kids would spontaneously decide to brush their teeth one morning without being asked and brush their sister’s teeth for the metaphoric cherry on top. 

Nobody told me how much hearing a tiny voice say, “Mommy I love you!” would melt my heart. 

Which is why I’m telling you.

Even then you won’t understand it until you experience it for yourself. 

2 thoughts:

Ray Colon said...

Hi Tristan,

I like this post a lot. There are lots of things that nobody tells us, but as you wrote in your closing we probably wouldn't have understood if they had.

I love a clean house, but when we are more interested in caring for (and entertaining) our children that whole clean house deal slides down on the importance scale.

It does get easier when the children grow older. We still worry about things as much as we ever did, but they do adopt many of their own day-to-day responsibilities, with a few strategically timed reminders. :)

The part about people expecting that you know is the most daunting. I can remember instances where something new happens and no one knows what to do, yet they looked to me for an answer, so I had to improvise even though I didn't have a clue. Scary stuff.

For me, the "I love you" is nice, but the thing that brings me the most joy each day is when I get home after work and Maritza greets me. She always has that "I'm so very excited to see you look" on her face. Priceless.

It kind of makes up for all the things that I was never told. Ray

p.s. You've been busy! I take a week off from reading blogs and return to find that you've been pretty prolific with your writing this week. Cool.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Yes, Ray, it has been a busy week. I'm glad I was able to capture most of it on this blog.
Here's to a new week where I pretend to know what I'm doing! At least my house is clean right now. I wish I could put that lower on my list of pet peeves but my messy house can really affect my moods some days.