Friday, August 27, 2010

Prayer Say What

These are a couple months old.  Sometimes I forget I have Say What posts in progress on my netbook.  I think they’re still funny even after a battle of wills tonight with all the kids.  Enjoy.

Parker saying the night family prayer:
P: Please bless that we can have a good day
Gwen: dood day
P: Please bless that Gwen can be quiet when I say the prayer today
G: prayer
Gwen is Parker’s shadow and he is not always flattered.

Speaking of prayers, my kids have perfect faith in a loving Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Parker let Buzz Lightyear try flying off the railing.  Buzz, of course, is not a flying toy despite what Parker believes.  Buzz came out of the accident relatively unscathed all except his wing, which was broken.  Parker patiently waited for his dad to perform magic with super glue.  When that didn’t work Parker asked for a miracle.  He prayed that Buzz could be fixed.  Then he put Buzz on the floor in the middle of the room so Heavenly Father could fix him while Parker slept.  I tried to tell Parker that Heavenly Father always answers our prayers but sometimes we don’t get what we want.  Parker was unphased. 

Parker:  Jesus Christ can fix him.  I know He can.
The next day the wings came up like they were supposed to and Parker was thrilled.  Then the errant wing fell down since it’s a problem with the internal spring. 
Parker:  It’s fixed!  Oh wait.  No it’s not.  Oh well.
And he moved on.  His faith was not shattered although I questioned the strength of mine for a brief moment. 

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