Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And the Winner Is . . .

The Mom of the Year Awards are coming up.  Please put in your nominations for me. 

This morning I walked back in the door after watching my neighbors drive off to school with Gavin.  Dread immediately came over me as I realized I completely forgot to give him his weekly reading record to turn in today.  It’s due every Wednesday and was the furthest thing from my mind until it was all too late. 

No worries.  My plan was to be “that mom” and turn it in to the office when I dropped off Parker this afternoon.  It wasn’t Gavin’s fault.  It was my fault.  I guess it could be argued that Gavin should be responsible enough to ask for it but it’s pretty much out of sight and therefore out of mind most of the time.  I have to keep weekly homework assignments and such locked up in the office, far away from the ever lengthening reach of Gwen. 

So instead of being “that mom” who drops off whatever was forgotten I was “that mom” who emails the teacher to explain why it will come tomorrow!  I hate myself right now! 

My latest indiscretion is going to put us all in an early grave.  I called the school to report Parker sick today. 

I know.  How dare I?  I had every intention of sending him today.  Both boys seemed better yesterday and ready for another day of school.  But Parker has been mopey all morning telling me he’s tired.  I thought maybe he was just bored.  He gets that way easily with this blasted afternoon kindergarten schedule.  This is why I requested am kindergarten!  It’s ok.  I was on the afternoon schedule as a kindergartener and I turned out alright.  Well, mommy indiscretions aside. 

So Gwen and Parker are eating their lunch and Parker tells me his tummy hurts.  His color was a little off too.  I happened to be on the phone with Heath when Parker made this announcement.  So Heath and I decided it would be wise to keep him home one more day just to be sure. 

I talked to Parker’s teacher yesterday when I went to pick up the boys’ homework.  She told me that Parker had been in and out of the health office on Monday.  He said he didn’t feel good so she’d send him to the office.  Then the nurse would keep him for a minute and send him back to class.  I finally got the call from the nurse about 2:20 that I needed to pick him up.  I checked out both boys since school gets out at 3:00 and they took turns puking their guts up all evening. 

As I talked to Parker’s teacher about how the whole family had been hit by this bug she said, “That sounds like the flu.”  I agreed and she said she thought it was early in the year for the flu.  Again I agreed.  Then she said, “I guess everyone was exposed then.”  I agreed and our conversation was over.  She gave get well wishes one more time and I walked away.  Suddenly what she said along with the unhappy look on her face took on a whole new meaning for me!  I realized she was probably accusing me of infecting the whole class with a flu bug. 

I refused to feel bad about it.  I walked away thinking, “Sorry lady.  I gave my whole kindergarten class chicken pox without realizing it.  There’s an incubation period before symptoms show that’s just how it is!”  I hoped my mom didn’t beat herself up too much over the chicken pox fiasco.  It wasn’t her fault.  Nor was it my fault for sending my seemingly healthy boys to school only to have them vomiting all night.  How was I to know? 

Maybe that tiny twinge of guilt from the conversation I had yesterday played into my decision to keep Parker home one more day.  But I like to believe it had more to do with the fact that he didn’t really look good. 

Well, as soon as Parker realized I had called the school about keeping him home he totally lost his mind.  He sobbed for 30 minutes straight, “IWANNAGOTOSCHOOLIWANNAGOTOSCHOOLWAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHIWANNAGOTOSCHOOLWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Mother of the Year right here folks!  Please vote for me.  At least I didn’t tell an entire class of 7 and 8 year old second graders to shut up then the next day tell them and I quote, “You suck!” 

No, I am not making that up.  My next door neighbor told me that this morning.  Her daughter is in Gavin’s class and their teacher has had a substitute for the last two days.  Apparently the sub had no control over the class and in a moment of extreme immaturity this grown woman told the class they suck.  In front of parent volunteers and everything.  One parent went to the office to report it and said that if she sees that woman substituting at the school ever again the mother will pull her child from the class. 

There are no words.  Nothing left to say.  It’s been a day around here.  How about you?

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

You have my vote. Just think of all the moms who take the easy way out and go to work and let someone else nanny their kids. ANY stay-at-home gets my vote for the 24/7 job they do. But you can call in sick for me anyday. I don't want to go to school.

Oh you really need to read the article in the Everett Herals from yesterday that said that since lice are not a health hazzard it is wrong to keep kids out of school if they have head lice. I'd rather my kid caought the flu at school.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Ewww! Lice is not a health hazard? Hello! It's extremely contagious! Yeah, I'd rather my kids pick up the flu or some other form of the gamboo at school than lice!