Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn Thoughts

As a child I thought that Spring was far superior to Fall.  I’m not sure why.  Probably because I get Spring Fever in January.  Spring means longer days, warmer temperatures, new foliage, and blossoming hope for a beautiful summer.

On the other hand, Fall means the end of Summer, returning to school and hunkering down for Winter.  My opinions have changed as an adult, especially now that we live in the Bay Area.  Where I used to despise Winter I now love it.  Winter means rain and lots of it.  You don’t have to shovel rain. 

My opinions of Fall have changed as well.

Fall does mean a return to school

must-be-football-season-019 must-be-football-season-020 must-be-football-season-021

But I think it’s so cute when Gavin creates his own classroom.


Gwen-Cinderella-dress-001 Gwen-Cinderella-dress-002 Gwen-Cinderella-dress-005  Gwen-Cinderella-dress-007 Gwen-Cinderella-dress-008 Gwen-Cinderella-dress-010

Fall means Indian Summer.  It is currently 100 degrees.  We used the air conditioner maybe a handful of times in August and now that we’re days away from October temperatures are expected to reach 104 today and tomorrow.  San Francisco was supposed to hit triple digits today!  But Wally Weatherman changed his mind this morning and forecasted upper 80’s.  Still.  San Francisco?  Although they have amazingly beautiful autumns.  The city is known for it. 

must-be-football-season-017 must-be-football-season-018

Fall means football season.  Which means our circle is jam packed full of cars every Saturday.  We let people park in our driveway any time we can.  A guy was driving around looking for a spot at the same time Heath was about to run some errands so Heath told him to park in our driveway.  The guy was so appreciative of that.  He had his name “Coach So and So” on his shirt so you can imagine how happy he was to get a nice spot in the shade of our tree.  He said it was picture day so there were even more cars.

The guy said he was sorry we have to deal with all the cars and that he wished somebody could improve the parking situation at the park.  Heath and I agree that it’s not a big deal to have extra cars for several weeks out of the year.  On Saturday there were football games, soccer games, and softball games going on all at the same time. 

must-be-football-season-001 must-be-football-season-002  must-be-football-season-004 must-be-football-season-005

Football season means hall movies for the kids.  I love these pictures.  I love that the kids will sit quietly just outside the baby gate to the master bedroom, munching popcorn while watching Netflix movies streamed through the Wii.  Meanwhile, Heath and I are downstairs cheering on BYU. 


School means I get this one all to myself every afternoon.  So maybe we already put the pool away because we have school kids who have to hunker down with homework every day.  It’s all worth it to have the Little Miss all to myself. 

must-be-football-season-009 must-be-football-season-006

She cracks me up.  I bought her some Disney Princess hair do dads and she insisted on wearing all of them at once.  My favorite are the Cinderella ponytail holders on her arm that she’s wearing as bracelets. 

Fall is where Mother Nature shows off her love of color. 

So many reasons to love Fall.  Too many to count right now.  I guess you could say I’m a Fall convert.  What’s your favorite season?

5 thoughts:

MT said...

A fall convert, that's a good one! Fall has always been my favorite season - probably because of the upcoming holidays (besides the beauty and cooler temps).

Becca Jane said...

That picture of Gwen is frameable! Look at that grin! Cute to see those dolls all lined up!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Michelle, I suppose there are worse things I could be converted to! The next step is to convert me to holidays. So far I only like Christmas.

Thanks Becca. Isn't it great when a random snapshot turns out so well? I'm proud of the fact that half the pictures of the kids we have displayed on the wall are unposed pictures I took.

Dawn said...

I have always loved fall until I became a teacher. I really hate to get back to school. This year has been particularly difficult with two family members in and out of the hospital and the flu for me. Forget the holidays when does spring come?

The Piquant Storyteller said...

You have had a rough fall so far, Dawn. At least you have a different principal this year. And Christmas will be fun. Then it needs to be spring, I agree.