Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gavin Say What

It’s kind of sad that Gavin is growing up and says less and less Say What worthy stuff.  Some of these came from his school journal last year.  I included the dates and spelled everything the way he did.  The rest are conversations from this week. 

I wonder why I toek (talk)

I am thankful for Mom becuse Mom loves me is thakfull for me

I am going to talk about my dad.  I like my dad.  He is has old as a presedent.  He go’s to work.  His name is Heath.  He even has blue eye’s like me.  He has brown hair like every one in my famly exsept me.  He speck’s englesh.
Gavin often makes a point of being the only one in the family with “yellow hair.”  What he doesn’t realize is his hair color is about the same as his dad’s hair color. 

Gavin:  I think.
Heath:  You think?
G:  Yeah.
H:  Plato would say that because you think therefore you are.
G:  Is Play-Do a liquid?

After seeing a commercial about a real estate agent
Gavin:  Is every kind of agent a secret agent?

Gavin:  Can you imagine if everyone spoke Gavinese?

I’m kind of having a nostalgic day today.  One of those I love my kids exactly how they are right now but I see old pictures and video of them and want to cry kind of days.  Gavin is my oldest and I don’t want him to grow up anymore.  That’s ok, right?

2 thoughts:

Jenni said...

I think a lot of us struggle with the fact that our kids are growing up. What cute conversations to record. I'd like to get in on speaking Gavinese...sounds interesting!!! :)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Jenni, I've been thinking a lot lately that I love the ages my kids are at. It was exciting when Gwen was born because my family was complete but I don't like the baby stage as much as the toddler stage. I kept staring at my kids playing with Legos this morning while Pres. Monson was giving his talk on the attitude of gratitude and I was so grateful for what I have. My kids are so fun right now. They always have been and always will be but I love where they are now. If I could just freeze time that would be great. But then I would miss out on another great stage.