Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In search of the fountain of youth

For eons people have been searching for that magic elixir of youth.  That mythical potion that if consumed one would remain forever young.  Society’s obsession with youth reveals itself in songs, stories, and with the plastic surgery industry.

If I could have one wish today I would wish for a sip from the fountain of youth.  No, I’m not suffering from depression.  I’m sicker than a dog.  I’m suffering from the cold from hell.  While Americans had the day off from work celebrating Labor Day by scoring shopping deals and having barbecues, Heath and I could not get up. 

It’s not a chest cold, thank goodness?  It’s a head cold and it’s kicking our butts.  It’s one of those colds that leaves you weak and feeble.  I was dizzy every time I stood up.  How long should a head rush last?  Is 5 minutes normal?  I could feel the mucous in my head readjust every time I moved, being most severe when I stood up.  So I tried not to stand up too often. 

It’s one of those colds where you blow your nose and start to seriously wonder if your brain came out with the 5 lbs. of boogers you captured in the tissue.  It’s one of those colds that comes with a hacking cough where you wonder if maybe your spleen came up.  Yesterday it came with bouts of nausea as well.  A serious cold that means business. 

So why do I wish for some magic youth elixir?  I realize that kids also get sick.  In fact, my kids are sick.  I think they were the carrier monkeys actually.  Parker started to sound congested by the end of our party Friday night.  He slept on the couch for over 4 hours on Sunday after insisting he didn’t need a nap!  I could barely wake him up. 

No, I want whatever stores of energy they possess.  Yesterday as we watched movie after TV show, parenting from the couch, wishing for death to deliver us from the hell we were living in, the kids bounced and yelled and climbed on us and played and seemed to have this endless supply of energy.  I felt bad that our Labor Day plans disintegrated by Sunday night but the kids didn’t seem to mind too much.  They did their kid thing all day. 

The gambu plaguing our house is the same yuck for kids and parents alike.  Nothing is different but the level of energy.  Heath and I still feel like crap.  Which is why I envy my own children.  How easy for them to go about their day.  They have minor annoyances like coughing or constant post nasal dripping but other than that they are fine.  Oh to be young again! 

3 thoughts:

Dawn said...

Oh yuck! I hope you can't get that kind of virus over the computer! And I thought my naseau and fever on Sunday was bad. Hang in there you will get better. Just no promises when.

Dawn said...

Oh no! guesd what you did manage to infect dad's computer at work. He will have to reimage the hard drive to purge it. Would that work on humans?

Dawn said...

Worse yet, now my computer is sick. It can't spell right!