Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ingredients for a Great Sharing Time

This is a shout out to Little LDS Ideas, the mastermind behind today’s successful Sharing Time in Primary.  If you’re in need of some creative ideas for Sharing Time, or anything to do with Primary, Sheena posts every week without fail. 

Her idea for this week was Scripture Cookies.  It went over so well I had to share. 

I split the kids into three groups.  There are only three classes in our Junior Primary so that was an easy split and I split up the Senior Primary girls into two groups while the boys made up the third group.  There were only nine Senior Primary kids today.  We have a very small Primary. 

The groups looked up the scriptures assigned to their group and they figured out what the ingredient was in the verse. 


I gave the Junior Primary teachers copies of this “cheat sheet” so they could help their class figure out what the ingredient was.  Some verses were hard because so many ingredients were listed.  The third group’s scriptures were the hardest because I changed the recipe to chocolate chip cookies instead of Ranger cookies.  It was tricky finding scriptures for vanilla and chocolate chips!  But I did it. 

The groups read the scriptures and determined the ingredients.  When everyone was finished one child would represent each scripture by coming up and choosing the correct ingredient and put it in the bowl. 


One thing I found very interesting was that Junior Primary never questioned anything.  The first person to come up was nervous picking out the brown sugar and hesitated quite a bit in putting the entire baggy in the bowl.  I told the kids not to dump anything out.  We got through all the ingredients and they must have thought it was strange that I had a bunch of plastic baggies in a bowl with an empty butter box and a plastic Easter egg. 


I asked if they had faith that we could make cookies with those ingredients.  All of Junior Primary stared at me with wide Bambi eyes nodding their heads yes.  We closed our eyes while I pretended to stir and then I handed the bowl to Heath who was helping me since I was the only Presidency member there today.  He walked out with the bowl.  I told the kids he would bake the cookies.  Again, Junior Primary just accepted this.  He walked back in with a cookie sheet full of Costco cookies.  I know, I’m lazy! 

The kids were so excited.  The teachers laughed and said they were impressed with how quickly the cookies were baked into perfectly round chocolate chip cookies!  Then I told the kids they could have one after Closing Exercises.  They were so bummed and asked why they couldn’t have one sooner.  I told them because they had to go to class and I didn’t figure their teachers needed them hopped up on sugar. 

By the way, I worried a little bit this morning that today was actually Fast Sunday.  (Fast Sunday is typically the first Sunday of every month where people fast by going without food and drink for two consecutive meals)  I was dying on my couch with the flu and Gwen was still kind of sick last Sunday so we didn’t go to church.  With next week being General Conference (a special worldwide conference where the prophet and other church leaders address members via satellite, internet, radio, television, and in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, UT) I wasn’t sure how Fast Sunday would be handled.  Luckily our ward had a regular Sunday and Fast Sunday will be after General Conference. 

Senior Primary was much more fun than Junior Primary for this Sharing Time.  I had a better idea of how I wanted to do everything after doing it once with the younger kids.  There are fewer Senior Primary kids so the dynamics change. 

One girl picked up the butter box and was surprised that it was empty.  I think the boys tried to choose the chocolate chips for the vanilla bean because they had no idea what a vanilla bean was.  When I held up the bottle one girl said that wasn’t in cookies.  Heath opened the lid and let everyone smell it.  When he got to the doubting girl her eyes got huge and she emphatically shook her head yes that that was definitely in cookies!  The other adults were interested in seeing a real vanilla bean.  I don’t think they knew that’s where vanilla extract comes from.  The pianist was shocked to hear that it costs $11 for two beans.  But that’s the only way to get vanilla into homemade ice cream.  The alcohol from the extract prevents the ice cream from freezing properly. 

The kids told me they didn’t want my cookies because there was too much plastic in the bowl.  I did the whole faith speech again and a lot of the kids gave me these looks like I was crazy.  Some flat out said they didn’t have faith!  We closed our eyes and I pretended to stir before handing the bowl over to Heath. 

He ducked down behind a table and started tossing ingredients in the air.  He told me he wished I hadn’t told the kids to close their eyes because nobody saw him tossing things.  I saw a flying spoon.  Then he stood up with the sheet full of store bought cookies. 

The kids were so funny.  Obviously the whole thing was rigged.  I assumed even Junior Primary got that.  Although when we got home Gavin asked if his dad really made the cookies at church.  Gavin said, “That’s not normally how you make cookies.”  We asked him what he thought and he finally realized it was a joke.  Anyway, Senior Primary started asking all these questions.  One boy wondered how we could touch the pan without getting burned.  I told him that we did get burned but we can’t feel pain.  Another boy thought I meant we had super powers.  I said, “No, my hands are burned.  I just can’t feel it!”  Because I have no problem lying in church apparently!  No, we were all laughing and having fun.  Even the music leaders and the one teacher who does come back into Primary after teaching her class. 

I did spend some time talking about the importance of the scriptures.  There was a point but I’m sure that wasn’t the part anyone remembers. 

After Senior Sharing Time they did Singing Time.  The chorister let them fish for wiggle songs.  Since they are older and she can trust them more she let them fish from behind the pulpit.  Every kid that went up to fish had to look for our “primitive oven” as they called it.  They pretended to be unimpressed with the fact that the cookie sheet was sitting on top of an electric keyboard under a table.  The jokes and hilarity of the whole fun activity carried through the last hour. 

Then we did our closing exercises, which I have to say, I love doing at the end.  We have broken up the Primary schedule in the best way so the time literally flies.  Senior Primary has class first while Junior Primary does Singing and Sharing Time then they go to class while Senior Primary does all that, then we all meet together for the announcements and scripture and talks.  It’s awesome. 

After closing exercises the kids swarmed the door until we told them to make a line.  I passed out recipes


while Heath passed out cookies.  It was seriously the best Sharing Time I have ever been to!  All the music leaders and teachers told me they thought it was creative and fun.  So thank you to Sheena for the best idea ever! 

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Dawn said...

My question is: What are you doing next time? Good thing they have an extra week to forget. Sounds like loads of fun. I will story that one in my memory bank.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Good question Dawn. I don't think I can top that activity.

I was thinking, you could do this activity with your Sunday School class. Or maybe you should just do it for family home evening with Kirk and Dayleen & company.