Thursday, September 16, 2010


By day I’m a typical mom – chauffer, hairstylist, maid, lunch lady, homework expert, referee, playmate, etc.  By night I’m Moonlighting.

As soon as the last word is read in the chapter of the current Chronicles of Narnia book I’m reading to the boys, as soon as the last note is sung in our trio of bedtime songs, as soon as I’ve said my nightly “Goodnight, I love you and I’ll see you in the morning!” I flop on the couch with Heath for some Moonlighting. 

In a matter of seconds I am back in the year 1985.  Maddie Hayes is so chic yet her outfits remind me of how I was 7 for most of 1985.  My Barbie dolls were clothes horses like Maddie Hayes with a similar taste for fashion.  The flowing silk blouses, the sophisticated suits, the glittery evening gowns with fluffy fur coats.

Then he appears.  David Addison. 

Holy hotness Batman!  Huge wees kneak sigh!  Not only is he eye candy but he’s snarky, goofy, intelligent, funny, and he makes my heart say hummina hummina hummina.  Oh wait, I already said he’s good looking.  No worries.  Heath is aware of my not so secret crush on a character in a TV show from 25 years ago.  And he thinks it’s funny. 

Actually score another point for Heath.  He is the reason why I am Moonlighting every night.  Sometimes two episodes a night but usually I’m sleeping through the second one.  His parents watched it when he was a kid and he remembers thinking it was an interesting show.  So yes, he taught me to love football, made me a BYU fan no less, and enabled my current crush on Bruce Willis a la 1985!  You know how women always go for the “bad boys” thinking they will change them?  Not me.  Heath was perfect when I met him.  I was the one who did all the changing! 

I have become my mother.  It’s true.  Growing up we used to make fun of her for sitting on the edge of her seat or yelling at the characters on the movie or show.  Now I do that.  I can’t help it.  I find entertainment more entertaining when I completely lose myself in the story.  Heath is sweet enough to give me his hand to crush during tense scenes.  In his defense there are times when he tells me to just buck up as he sits far away from me and my bone smashing grip. 

A few nights ago we watched the first Christmas episode on Moonlighting Season 1.  That one was a little too much for me to handle.  A mother and her 6 month old son were being chased by men who killed her husband after she snuck out of the apartment.  I couldn’t do it.  Mother.  Baby.  Yeah that stuff is too real for me.  Heath’s hand was a mangled mess halfway through the show.  But last night when a magician supposedly came back from the dead I was on my own with the hand squeezing. 

This show was the first of its kind.  Back then the 30 minute shows were sitcoms with a laugh track.  The 60 minute shows were dramas and nothing was ever funny.  Moonlighting was a comedy drama.  The writing is interesting and witty.  The dialogue was extremely fast paced for its time. 

A quirk I have grown to love about Moonlighting is how solving the case is almost never the point of the show.  The ending always catches me off guard since I’ve been trained to solve the case with Monk or Psych. 

Moonlighting is a healthy diversion for me.  It used to be that I would tell Heath to bring dinner home so I could eat greasy, bad for me fast food and belly up to my trough of Diet Coke.  Now I get through hard days by telling myself I can Moonlight at the end.  And if I happen to crack open a Diet Coke while I’m at it then it’s even better! 

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