Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Mo’ Tab

Call me old fashioned.  Call me an old lady fuddy duddy.  But whatever happened to the old school rules of written language? 

When did night become acceptable as nite?  Or light become lite?  I find it interesting that my auto spell checker has a red squiggly line under both nite and lite as if it has a problem with this spelling too.  But if I type in donut instead of doughnut there is no line.  Both are acceptable.  Since when?  Since a long time ago, I know.  It’s just sad.

We are becoming lazy with our writing to the point of shorthand.  Shorthand is all well and good when one is taking notes or texting.  But I feel indigestion when I hear about students writing the number 4 in place of the word for!  Lazy.  And I must say, it is one thing to use shorthand while texting or tweeting for brevity sake but when someone can’t even spell girls correctly or any other simple word, I judge you.  A lot.  Not alot but a lot.  Is it anyone else’s pet peeve when people can’t space between a and lot? 

It’s not just spelling rules that are dying a painful death.  Whatever happened to indenting paragraphs?  How did that get swept under the rug?  I used to indent paragraphs in emails until I realized nobody did it.  Paragraphs are not indented in blog posts or online articles.  Why?  Is it so difficult to hit the tab button?  It’s right there.  Next to the letter Q.  But it has been forgotten.  Like an old and moldy memory. 

Tab luster has been replaced by bright and shiny double spacing between paragraphs.  Sigh.  Too bad for the tab.  The program I am using now, Windows Live Writer, gives a hard return every time I hit enter.  It’s already set up to eagerly anticipate the next paragraph without me even having to think about it.  Hit enter and the space is naturally doubled.  Meanwhile my tab key is standing as straight and tall as a key can possibly be hoping I will pick it.  Sorry tab.  Indenting is becoming a lost art.  Too bad for the tab. 

We’ve lined up vowels in text messages and killed them off execution style.   We have murdered spelling nearly across the board.  Nobody handwrites anything anymore, and now indenting is coughing and sputtering.  What’s next in this vicious game of Written Expression Roulette? 

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Sherron said...

I totly here u w/alot thg. Do ppl just ignor sqig red ln? It drvs me cra z
(double space)
(double space)
(no tab)I totally hear you with the "alot" thing. Do people just ignore the squiggly red line? It drives me crazy.

I realized that I used capitalization and punctuation marks in my attempt to be silly. Oops! Do you press the space bar twice between sentences? I do and I have heard that it has gone the way of the tab button. Just one space bar is necessary now. I have a difficult time remembering to do that.(space space)

If you haven't already, I suggest that you read the book called "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" by Lynn Truss. It is a fun book. I am sure that I use punctuation marks incorrectly even after reading the book, though. Let the panda bear shoot me. (That is a joke from the book)

Sherron said...

When I first read the title of your post I thought that it was going to be about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (also known as Mo Tab!)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Oh my gosh, Sherron! I can't stop laughing! My husband was wondering what I was laughing at so hard so I told him to read your comment because it has to be read. He laughed out loud too. Your comment is awesome.

By the way, my husband is glad someone got the Mo Tab reference. He came up with the title of this post.

I forgot about the double space after sentences. Yes, I do that and find it funny that most programs, like Blogger, fix it for me. I don't adjust to change well can you tell?

I have heard a lot about that book but I have never read it. I should check it out.

Becca Jane said...

Grate poast!!
Your awesome.

Oooh, people on Facebook mess up the YOUR and YOU'RE every single day, and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Your funny Becca! It's so nice to know I'm not the only one bugged by this stuff. And the fact that I misspelled your is really bugging me! You're funny Becca. There that's better.

I'm generally ok with there, their, and they're being misused but to instead of too pushes my buttons. And the misuse of your and you're is like nails on a chalkboard.

Sherron said...

Check out today's Blogs of Note

No, we are not alone.

MT said...

cant stand when peeps leave out proper pronouns cuz its more annoying then anything. hope your going to tell me im not the only one who has to refrain from correcting peeps on fb to.

MT said...

Argh! That hurts just writing it! ;)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Interesting blog, Sherron. No, we are not alone but we must be careful this attention to grammar doesn't cross the line into grammar fascism!

Michelle, it's hard doing things we know are wrong isn't it? Cognitive dissonance may be hazardous to your health!

Chantalle Bishop said...

I hear you on the tab thing. (PS, I got the Mo Tab thing for sure, very clever!) John pointed out to me the other day that I put a tab on the first sentence of an email. He tole me that's not email form, it's letter form. I said no and then looked at all the emails in my inbox, some from fellow English majors. Nobody else used the tab! So I've given up on that one.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Yeah Chantalle, I think it's weird too but I guess we have to give up on the tab. I haven't indented email for years but the inspiration behind this post was the fact that Gavin's teacher is trying to teach the class how to properly write stories, including indenting. I haven't seen a paragraph mark on a paper in I don't know how long!

It's important that kids know how to read and write but I find it interesting that popular technology is undermining all of this teaching by creating so many exceptions to the rule.