Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Say What

Parker:  I like watching Friends (TV show) because it helps me make friends at school!

Gwen pointed at the silhouettes on the IHC (Intermountain Health Care) mug.
Gwen:  That’s Grandma!
Me:  What makes you think that’s Grandma?
Gwen:  Um . . . happy and 'miling?
Me:  She’s happy and smiling?
Gwen:  Yeah.

Me:  How old are you?
Gwen:  Um . . .
Me:  Are you two?
Gwen:  No, I four.  I kindergarten.

Radio:  Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you can know . . .
Gavin:  Is this a church song?

Parker:  How do you get out of that place?  (Smithfield House on BYU campus)
Heath:  There are doors all around the top.  The people aren’t stuck in there.
Gavin:  Tell me more about this Smith house. 
Heath:  Well, there are concession stands . . .
G:  Oh boy!  Tell me ab0ut that! 

Me:  Can you help me shop for a pretty shirt?
Gwen:  Yeah.  Let’s go shopping!
Gwen:  Ooh!  I know!  How bout that one?  I love it pretty dress!  Ooh so pretty!

Gwen:  Ooh Mommy!  You so pretty!  I love it pretty shirt! 
(By the way, nothing raises one’s self esteem faster than the gushing approval of one’s own 2 year old)

Me:  Gwen, what do you think of my new shirt with these pants?
Gwen:  Um . . . need a dress! 
Me:  Oh you like it better with my new skirt?
Gwen:  Yes.
Me:  Ok, how’s this?  (Wearing new skirt)
Gwen:  Better.  I love it pretty dress!

Parker:  Mom, you make me sick.  When you’re sick then I just be sick.

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