Thursday, September 30, 2010

Serenity Behind Invisible Walls

“Your mind is a dangerous neighborhood you should not be in alone.”  ~ Just Like Heaven

In the middle of all the action it shines like a beacon of hope.  A personal paradise surrounded by a metal gate.  Enter the room with the invisible walls to feel peace and serenity. 


Never mind what is happening outside the invisible walls.  Never mind that there are no walls.  Inside the room with the invisible walls is another world altogether. 


Having an intense introverted moment?  Step into chaotic bliss.  Considering the pros of infanticide?  The room with the invisible walls holds perspective starting with a thin, black box cycling through every photograph and video ever preserved.


And then there are the keys with no names.  What do these no name keys unlock?  Anything one needs them to.  The faster the click the greater the relief in adventure.  In fact, this very action is what caused the keys to lose their identity.  Friction rubbing them smooth and blank. 

The room with the invisible walls will cure all ails.  Frustration, exasperation, fatigue, boredom, addiction. 

Addiction?  Yes.  Addiction.  No need to mindlessly consume empty calories or swig Diet Coke so quickly it’s not even tasted.  Step into the room with the invisible walls and feel the pressure of the real world melt away into nothingness. 

The fruits of these escapades are harvested as organized chaos.  Concrete memories filling volumes.  Elusive thoughts made comprehendible through visibility.  And story after beautiful story forever preserved through text. 

I owe it all to the room with the invisible walls.  My fortress of solitude.  An oasis surrounded by a metal gate of invisible walls.  Welcome to moments of clarity.  Sanity is optional. 

2 thoughts:

Jenni said...

Wow, that's deep! :) So what do you love to do in your room with no walls? Obviously blog while sipping your Diet Coke. Have you gotten into digital scrapbooking yet??? :)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

No, I haven't gotten into digital scrapbooking. I'm a hybrid scrapbooker. I design my pages on the computer with my Scrapbook Factory software. I print my text, photos (after cropping in Photoshop) and any embellishments I want that I don't have as stickers or whatever and then put it together manually with paper.

The sad part is I haven't scrapbooked for myself in about a year. It's time consuming and what I care about are the stories so that's why I love blogging. At least I have the story.