Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something Came Up

All my good intentions to exercise this morning, including my own guilt trip I gave myself by writing it in a blog post, flew out the window in a matter of seconds. 

I know I saw 4:30 am but I went back to sleep.  I probably should have checked my blood sugar because by 5:30 am I woke up sweating with my heart pounding.  BG reading 40.  I was surprised because I’ve had lower readings than that in the middle of the night without symptoms. 

Knowing full well that it was finally my day to work out in virtual Hawaii with Steven again, I set a temporary basal rate of 0% for one hour and went down to the kitchen to binge. 

Sleep started to return about five minutes before Heath came out of the bathroom to get dressed.  Of course.  He asked how I was doing and I told him I didn’t want to work out.  My blood sugar had only risen to 149 and I was tired.  I think he said he was jealous of me for having the time to work out at all.  I got up to grab my flattering cotton lycra work out clothes when Heath and Gwen had this exchange:

Heath:  Hi Gwen!
Gwen:  Hi Daddy!
Gwen:  Something unintelligible. 
H:  What?  You’re going to miss me? 
G:  Yeah. 
H:  Nice hair Gwen.

A few moments later:

H:  Tristan!  (He almost never says my name so I knew it was serious)
Me:  What?
H:  Gwen puked. 

Sure enough there was soggy, regurgitated orange chicken and rice all over the floor just inside Gwen’s door.  Last night’s dinner was not good enough to experience all over again in this way!  I looked at her bed but it was fine.  I looked back at Gwen and her crusty hair plastered to her face decorated with chunks. 

Me:  Tell me her hair is still wet.
H:  Um no.  It’s dry.
M:  When did this happen? 

Last night I wanted to kiss the kids one last time before I went to bed.  I haven’t thought of doing that in a long time.  What stopped me was knowing how lightly Gwen sleeps.  Maybe I should have gone in anyway.  But I didn’t.  I was just grateful today was late start Wednesday and that my neighbor was carpooling. 

So from 7:00 – 8:00 am, when I planned on working out and showering, I was cleaning up vomit and giving Gwen a bath.  I finally felt like everything was under control.  The kids were dressed and eating breakfast.  I walked into my bathroom to quickly shower.

Gavin:  Mom . . .
Me:  What?
G:  Come look at this.
M:  What am I looking at?
G:  A tooth.
M:  What?
G:  I lost a tooth.  (He showed it to me)
Me surprised:  What!

He told me it was bugging him and he was trying hard not to play with it but it was bugging him too much so he pulled it out.  We’ve told him to leave his teeth alone unless they are actually loose.  I think he lost four teeth in ten days several months ago.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration.  I was just grateful that the boy who freaked out the full five minutes I trimmed his nails last night, the same boy who needs to be held in a half Nelson to brush his teeth, has always pulled his loose teeth out on his own. 

Eventually I showered and got dressed enough to take Gavin next door.  Mr. Next Door Neighbor was driving today and when he does he backs up so he’s right in front of our house with the van door open.  I waved to Gavin from the front door. 

It was an eventful morning.  I think I got more done before 9:00 am than I can get done in full days!  I don’t feel too guilty about not working out with Steven.  He’ll live.  Something came up. 

2 thoughts:

sugarpierdh said...

Wow! What a morning. Steven can wait.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

You're right Candi, Steven can wait. But he's a needy little cartoon trainer. I can hear him nagging even though the disc isn't in the Wii right now.