Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Belly Flop

Hours of preparation, excitement, and anticipation ended in the biggest belly flop I have experienced in my life as a mother.  I called Heath to whine about it.  I told him it was probably all in my head and that reality was nothing like what I imagined.  Then I checked the video.  Reality is exactly what I imagined only 10 times worse.  I feel no anger.  I don’t even really want to cry.  I just want to scream in frustration.  What a waste of time and energy.  GRRRRR!!!!!!!

The first minor annoyance was the Flip battery dying.  I checked last night and didn't see a battery icon so I thought I was good.  Luckily I was prepared with the regular camera.  As soon as the Flip died I quickly whipped out the camera pushing the video icon.

I was so busy watching my child's performance in the little camera screen that I never noticed what was really happening.  I felt like people were staring at me but I try not to be paranoid.  I assumed they were looking at me because I'm the mom or because Parker kept getting on and off the chair and couldn't sit still.  You know, normal reasons.  When I came home and imported the video was when I saw that the teacher never pressed play like I told her to do. 

She announced it was Gavin's turn to do his speech.  He ran for the door without a word.  He had left the DVD in his backpack.  I wondered if the teacher even had a TV because I couldn't see one.  He handed her the DVD and she slid the whiteboard over revealing a TV.  She put the DVD in and asked if it was ready to go.  Normally when we make these homemade DVD's Heath sets it up so it automatically plays.  This time he had it so you push play first.  I told her to hit play.  She did something then walked away and Gavin was already halfway through the first sentence so I was frantically trying to start the Flip.  I didn't notice the video never played.  I thought it was just really quiet which is what I wanted anyway. 

When he was finished answering questions he handed me the DVD.  I slipped it in my purse along with the cameras and tried to discreetly escort Parker and Gwen out the door.  The teacher had said that Gavin should go next since his brother and sister were getting antsy.  I was not offended.  I felt bad and I still do.  I expect more from my kids even though they really weren't that bad. 

I can't even show the video since the file is too big for Blogger.  We also stayed up late making Gavin a BYU t-shirt since he's the only one in the family who doesn't have one that fits.  The iron left some weird black essence in the back and while we were looking at that the backing started to prematurely come up so the last two letters in "Band of Brothers" look bad.  It is what it is was our philosophy.  And now this anticlimactic performance for a speech he was so prepared for.  Ugh.  Motherhood hurts today. 

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

Sometimes technology makes our lives so much more complicated. Gavin did an awesome job on his speech.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

You're right, Dawn. I should have just printed the pictures for a poster collage. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20.