Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Count your many obscure blessings

I am so blessed.

  1. I have the most patient and understanding husband.  He never gets mad at me.  This I am very grateful for because once again the kitchen is unusable.  I have plans to clean it up every day and every day something happens.  I play with the kids thinking I can do it later and then later insanity hits.  Like Gavin spewing blood out his nose like Old Faithful as soon as I pulled into the driveway. 
  2. I am grateful for paper towels and a water spicket in the front yard.  Nothing like having our latest family crisis on display for the whole neighborhood to enjoy! 
  3. I am grateful for a handy dandy front load washer and dryer with cool settings like express wash, heavily soiled, cold water. 
  4. I am grateful for Method laundry soap and fabric softener.  It squirts out like hand soap.  You should try it.  Plus, their ads are pretty funny. 
  5. I am grateful the blood came out.  The kid looked like he had a fight with a gun and lost. 
  6. I am blessed to still have baby wipes in the house.  The blood had soaked through his clothes and onto his skin and the baby wipes cleaned him up nicely. 
  7. I am blessed to have Lysol wipes.  They cleaned up the blood in the van.  Well, the stuff on the carseats is still there. 
  8. But I’m blessed that the blood landed on the black parts of the fabric!
  9. And did you know that you can use those Lysol wipes to scrub the garage floor and it works?  True story.  I left the spots on the driveway.  The concrete wasn’t smooth there and I imagine that over time they will disappear. 
  10. I am blessed with kids who can get on task with minimal supervision as I talk to my mom on the phone.  She called in the middle of the whole blood spewing fiasco in the front yard.  The call somehow got dropped and I called her back once Gwen was down for a nap and life had settled down slightly. 
  11. Her house is falling apart and she’s afraid to say the words, “What else can go wrong?” out loud.  Kind of put the whole bloody nose and tornado through the kitchen into perspective.  Thanks Mom!  Sorry your house is falling apart and you have mice.  Robert Fulghum did too recently.  Click here and here to read his mice stories. 
  12. I am still grateful for naughty words though.  Is that wrong?  Probably.
  13. I am blessed with wonderful kids.  They are executing our plan.  Gwen’s napping, boys finished homework, toys were put away, Parker is bathing, Gavin will shower, Gwen already bathed.  Iron Man 2 is pretty motivating. 
  14. I get to eat greasy unhealthy burgers and fries tonight with a giant Diet Coke.  Inspirational food to get me to the baby shower tonight!  What a wonderful husband to plan on buying me anxiety food every time I have to go out. 
  15. I am blessed with technology like the Internet and Blogger so I can write about my messy kitchen without actually doing anything about it.  Awesome.

I am so blessed. 

p.s. The baby shower was great and most of the kitchen is clean.  I’ll think about the rest of it tomorrow.

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