Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade

Two cameras + two parade participants = over 150 pictures

Heath took 83 pictures of the parade part of today.  I took maybe 10 before my camera battery died.  Of course!  The other 60 some odd pictures I took were from the rest of today’s festivities to be posted in the next post.  Today is picture day don’t you know?  By the way, I’m not enlarging any of these so if you want to see more detail just click on the picture. 


The day started early.  I got up at 6:00 am so we could get me everyone ready by 8:00.  Morning kindergarten starts at 8:15 and with the whole school on a minimum day Parker had to be there early.  You can’t tell at all from these pictures that the kids are super excited. 


I just like this picture.  Parker is looking into the sun imagining all the possibilities of this day.


Classes lined up to begin the parade.

We could not have asked for a more perfect parade day.  Temperatures were in the 50’s so it was chilly but not unbearably cold.  Gwen wore a long sleeved t-shirt under her costume and had a blanket to keep her legs warm.  We taped her shoes to her socks since they are too big! 

It seems that every year the parade route changes.  I’ve always seen the parade take place in a huge square created with yellow caution tape in the back corner of the blacktop.  This year we have a new principal and she never made it clear how the parade would work.  She kept saying it would go around the blacktop.  None of the parents realized what that meant until it started.  The parade went around the perimeter of the blacktop which was actually kind of nice since everyone could easily see that way.  In the past parents were stacked deep and if you were in the back you couldn’t see your kid. 


Office staff dressed as M&M’s.  The principal is the yellow peanut package.  The red and orange M&M’s probably know me on a first name basis they have had to call me so often with my kids in their health office for one reason or another.  The second picture has a teacher walking out of the shot.  I want to point her out because the grade levels usually dress up in themes.  That team of teachers dressed up as San Francisco Giants fans because the Giants are on fire right now in the MLB World Series.  One of the teachers actually dressed as a Texas Rangers fan.  She held a sign that said “Shave the Beard!”  I thought that was pretty funny.  Some of those players look pretty good with their goatees but the full beards look a little creepy.  But good luck charms are good luck charms and this one seems to be working! 


Parker’s kindergarten class.  Aren’t they so cute?  The second picture shows the Three Musketeers again!  Parker and his little buddies.  I mean Woody, Pit Crew, and Spiderman.  And how cute is Parker in the last picture?  Man, I love that kid. 


Gavin’s teacher, our neighbor (all in pink) as a baby with her friend, and Gavin waving. 


Neighbor’s sister (We carpool with these girls), another neighbor as a first grade pirate, and Parker’s friend’s older sister.  I love that family.  They are so nice.  We actually watched the whole parade with the mom who is the nicest lady. 

Creative Costumes:


One of Gavin’s first grade teachers from last year.  She is Kanga and her two year old is Roo although he pooped out of the parade by the second lap.  The other co-teacher from that class is not in the parade because she is dressed up in sweats as a new mother the second time around on maternity leave. 


The old man is one of the PE teachers.  He was hilarious.  He was really getting into character and the kids were loving it.  I love the fried egg and the scarecrow was really cool too.  I have no idea who those kids are.  They were just really good costumes. 


Our favorite costume by far was the Lego guy.  He was walking in time to the music which just added to the awesomeness of the costume.  My friend was telling me that she saw him walking to school.  She said he was taking little steps and seemed to be having a hard time moving in the costume.  She was afraid he wouldn’t make it to school in time.  As we all stood around waiting for the parade to start and the kids started filtering in we were commenting on cool costumes.  She said that she hadn’t seen the Lego guy (she thought he was a robot though).  We were laughing saying he was still out there somewhere in the neighborhood trying to walk to school.  But there he was in the parade with his class!  Yay for Lego guy! 

Heath and I were commenting on how it was obvious which costumes were store bought versus which ones were homemade.  The store bought costumes looked cheap and junky compared to the homemade costumes.  The store bought costumes are made of thin plastic and most of them have a picture of what the costume is supposed to look like somewhere on it.  The homemade costumes were much more original, durable, and authentic looking.  So the next time you hit the stores hoping to find a great costume for a good deal – just make it yourself.  It’s less expensive and looks better that way. 


By far my favorite picture of the whole day.  This was taken before she got bored and started pushing her stroller around in a circle narrowly missing hitting parents trying to photograph their kids. 

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