Thursday, October 28, 2010

I’ve Learned

  1. I’ve learned that segmented grass is a rattlesnake in a 5 year old’s imagination.
  2. I’ve learned that you can eat segmented grass rattlesnakes and that they taste like “strawbellies.”  Whatever strawbellies are. 
  3. I’ve learned that you can bring a segmented grass rattlesnake back to life by putting it back in the oven. 
  4. I’ve learned that minimum days are nice for teachers while being a form of torture for parents.  I don’t have a problem with my kids not being in school all day.  I do have a problem with dropping my kindergartener off at 11:40 only to have to pick up my 2nd grader one hour later then picking up the kindergartener at 3:00.  At least tomorrow’s minimum day affects kindergarten too.  So I will pick him up at 11:35 and then get the other one at 12:40.  Weird. 
  5. I’ve learned that I am looking forward to this weekend as much as the kids are.  I kind of think that if I can just live through the rest of this week there will be a break.  I don’t know why since Monday is business as usual. 
  6. I’ve learned that every time I ask my doctor for new prescriptions something gets messed up. 
  7. I’ve learned that he must think I’m a flight risk to only give me 3 months of refills at a time.  My dosage hasn’t changed in years! 
  8. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t wait until the last minute to call in my prescription refills.  Even though I turned in paper prescriptions last month I have no refills on insulin.  Hmm.  But at least the doctor’s office called the pharmacy to actually specify how often I test my blood sugar.  One hundred test strips will not last the whole month when I test ten times a day!
  9. I’ve learned that I really should just look into a mail order pharmacy. 
  10. I’ve learned that Healthy Choice soups have the most sodium and carbohydrates per serving than any other canned soup in my house.  They also taste like mint which brings back bad memories of a mint experiment gone wrong. 
  11. I’ve learned that I hate the soup so much but not enough to feel good about donating it to a food bank.  Is that weird?
  12. I’ve learned that Campbell’s sirloin burger with country vegetables has discs of beef in it that made me think I was really eating dog food.  The taste was strange too and kind of coated my tongue in a disturbing way. 
  13. I’ve learned that when given the choice always choose the Progresso soup from Costco.  It really tastes great, is healthy for soup, and has contributed to my weight loss this year. 
  14. I’ve learned that anticipation often is greater than actually having something. 
  15. I’ve learned that dreams are important for one’s mental health.
  16. I’ve learned not to pop someone’s dream balloon because even if it seems like a stupid idea to me, it’s their dream and they should take comfort in it.  Heaven knows I have my own far fetched dreams that help get me out of bed some mornings.
  17. I’ve learned that I may have a Diet Coke problem.  I volunteered to do a late night run to the store for Diet Coke and baby wipes last Saturday after we forgot to pick it up earlier. 
  18. I’ve learned that my Diet Coke fears could be unfounded.  I was Miss Crankipants McGillicutty the other day and never did drink the Diet Coke I promised myself. 
  19. I’ve learned that sometimes just knowing something is there is all that matters. 
  20. I’ve learned that I really miss having a working CD player in the house. 
  21. I’ve learned that the best songs in the van are on disc 3 starting around track 55.  Beastie Boys, Limp Bizkit’s Mission Impossible Theme Song, Bobby Brown – there’s a blast from the past!, Nelly Furtado and Chris Martin singing the best version of All Good Things Come to an End, Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love – did you see the dance to that on So You Think You Can Dance?  I cry every time I hear the song now!  Yep, disc 3 has some good songs on it.
  22. I’ve learned that you should never look up the lyrics to a song you love. 
  23. I’ve learned that I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to be married to the man I am married to.
  24. I’ve learned to love my life as it is.  I don’t always do this but I do it more often now than ever before.
  25. I’ve learned that I feel complete now that all three kids are in my life.  It kind of makes number 24 easier to do on a daily basis. 

2 thoughts:

sugarpierdh said...

Oh my goodness!! The mint experiment. Still gives me nightmares.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

The mint experiment and the lemon rice. Was it lemon? I don't remember except that it tasted like gasoline and I could taste it for days after!!! Good times.