Saturday, October 23, 2010

Power of 10

It was 10 months ago that I finally got sick enough of my fat self to do something about it.  The first 10 lbs came off really easily and then I plateaued for a long time.  Still, 10 lbs is 10 lbs.

Now I have lost 15 lbs making me 10 lbs away from my first goal weight.  My second goal is to lose another 5 lbs beyond that for another 15 lb weight loss from where I am now.  Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake since I have been the same size all through high school, college, and into marriage.  I just want to get back there. 

“Inside you there is the strength to do anything.  Believe it.”  This is something my cartoon Wii trainer, Steven, says. 

I will admit that when I started this process I didn’t believe I could really lose 30 lbs.  That’s a pretty significant number.  But I’ve lost half of it already.  Now I am starting to see the power I have within myself to achieve worthwhile goals. 

Today I finished the 6 week challenge.  It took me 67 days to complete it but I did it.  The first time I tried the 30 day challenge it took me a year to complete.  So an extra 25 days to finish a 6 week challenge is pretty good.  Monday I will start another 6 week challenge.  And get it done in 6 weeks barring any more illness or scheduling issues, which is what made me miss 14 workouts.  Although a good stomach flu would get me to my goal faster! 

Over the last 67 days I have worked out for 11 hours, 10 minutes, and 56 seconds.  I have burned 3,703.1 calories and I have ran 5.4 miles.  All you runners out there can stop rolling your eyes.  I run in place remember?  I wish it would have told me how many lunges I have done, how much water skiing and paddle surfing I have done, how much squash I have played, and how many crunches I have done.

As I was lying on the floor wondering why Steven was trying to kill me on my last workout and laughing as I thought of Rachel telling Joey that her gynecologist tried to kill her on Friends, I thought that this was shaping up to be a really long sentence.  No, I touched my fat roll on my stomach and realized I have no feeling in it at all.  My nerves have been cut three times to deliver three babies.  So why the hey do I have to keep carrying around this disgusting roll of fat that I can’t even feel?  Because if it wasn’t there I would be perfect.  Physically anyway. 

My arms and legs look awesome.  This is the best I have ever looked even before I gained all the baby weight.  My jackets fit so much better now.  That was a great moment when I put one on the other day and it almost hung loose on me.  Wow. 

So what’s my point?  My point is that anything is possible when you set your mind to it and do the work.  Stop making excuses and just make it happen.  My point is that you just have to find a workout routine that works for you.  If you prefer the gym go to the gym.  If you prefer touring your neighborhood while walking, running, or bicycling, then do that.  If you like to work out alone in your bedroom get a workout video that you like.  I got the best results when I combined strength training with cardio and went on a measuring cup diet where no food was off limits.  Moderation is the key to success. 

Miracles can happen.  I’m proof.

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