Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Nice alliteration! 

If you don’t go on the field trip you don’t get pictures.  Except when the class has a nice mom who likes to share.  There was a mom in Gavin’s class in kindergarten and first grade who was the designated photographer.  Not the same as a designated driver, I’m sure.  I thought about her yesterday when Parker went on his field trip.  To my surprise I was handed a paper sack of pictures from one of the moms today.

She had gone on the field trip and took a bunch of pictures of her son who happened to be sitting with his two best friends.  One of them is Parker.  So she made copies of the pictures for us.  I thought that was pretty cool.


The Three Musketeers
The way Parker talks this is a typical seating arrangement.  Parker says he always sits in the middle of his two best friends.  They hang their backpacks together too! 


This is about half the class sitting on hay bales.  Parker of course is in the middle of his friends. 


Parker and his teacher on the hay ride
Most of the parents complain about her.  They say she doesn’t communicate enough.  Maybe I’m not bothered by it because I’m a seasoned parent and I know how things work around the school.  After Gavin’s intense micromanaging kindergarten teacher I just figure no news is good news.  I really like Parker’s teacher this year.  She seems to enjoy the kids and Parker loves her.  I heard she favors boys because she has two of her own.  She told all the parents that her grandkids are close in age to the kids in the class so she feels like she understands the students better now than she ever did in the decades she has taught.  She seems to be very nice and Parker seems to be one of her pet students. 


Not sure what’s happening here.  Parker is standing with his best friend, the one who provided the pictures.


Apple fishing
Parker rode with a mom and her daughter and I think only one other boy.  She had a huge smile on her face and kept saying over and over that the kids had a blast.  She would tell Parker to tell me about something they did and he would get all excited and tell me.  Apple fishing was one of those things she mentioned.  I’m glad for the picture because Parker didn’t say much and I couldn’t figure out how they went fishing for apples.  Now I get it.  It looks fun.


Parker and the other Musketeer again.  He is such a cute boy.  He invited Parker and the red headed Musketeer to his house for a play date and the three have been inseparable ever since.  This picture makes me smile because I remember Parker helping me write my post yesterday.  I loved how he said that he saw millions of pumpkins and then chose one.  He’s kind of irritated with me that I would put his pumpkin out on the front porch without letting him carve it first.  I told him we would do it as a family closer to Halloween.  It’s a nice decoration and I think it’s safer on our front porch than in the house in the clutches of Gwen.  Well, any of the kids actually.  They love things to death.  I just hope Gavin’s pumpkin made it back to school alive.  He decorated a small pumpkin with marker at school yesterday then brought it home to show me.  He said it had to go back.  I couldn’t figure out why he had to bring it home if it just had to go back the next day!  Kids! 

I love watching Parker in kindergarten.  It is too cute. 

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Dawn said...

How wonderful to have a best friend whose mom shares pictures. I can't believe Parker is getting so grow up. I can hardly wait to see him.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I know. Is this the same little guy that wasn't content unless he was swaddled in a blanket even though it was a hot July when he was born? It's amazing how much he's grown. We are all so excited to see you guys again soon.