Sunday, October 31, 2010

Swigging the Soda

The expression, “Time flies when you’re having fun” is not true.  The last two days have felt like two years.  We have crammed in more fun than two days can handle without a wrinkle in time.  Moving on with Friday, the longest day ever . . .

After the parade we had enough time to pop popcorn and watch half of Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure before heading out for lunch.  Since there wasn’t enough time to get Parker and eat somewhere before having to get Gavin we picked up Mr. Pickle sandwiches to enjoy in the parking lot.  That was not the original plan but since lunch was ready sooner than we expected that’s what we did.  The kindergarten teachers were letting kids go early if their moms were there.  Parker was dismissed 15 minutes early because his teacher saw me waiting by the door.  I kind of hoped Gavin could be released early too but an hour early is probably pushing it. 

We finished our lunch in the van near the park.  Then we played at the park, making three trips to that park/playground for Gwen in two days!  (Thursday morning and afternoon, and Friday afternoon)  It’s a convenient place to waste time on minimum days when the boys get out an hour apart. 

Finally it was time to get Gavin.  It was 1:00 pm by the time we got home and Heath and I were totally wiped out.  We put Tinkerbell back on.  The kids binged on candy while Heath and I zonked on the couch.  I know.  How lame are we?  It felt like a day and a half by that point though. 

Then we went to a pumpkin patch at the fairgrounds.  The kids were super excited since we have been trying to go for a while now.  It’s just hard to work around football games and rain.  Friday was our day. 


Can’t you just feel the pent up excitement?  Gwen was tired.  I tried to get video of her saying, “You got it dude!” like Michelle Tanner since her ponytail kind of looked like little Michelle.  Instead I got video of her crying and saying she didn’t want to be happy.  Yay for fun family outings.  Heath was in the grocery store buying soda for us so he could get cash for the pumpkin patch.  Yay for another 20 oz. of caffeine! 

Before I get into the pumpkin patch pictures I have to say, are we doing it wrong?  This is the second time we’ve gone to a pumpkin patch as a family.  Both times I thought of Jerry Seinfeld talking about soda commercials.  He says the people are so happy they’re dancing and laughing and having parties.  He says he sees the commercials when he’s drinking the same soda being advertised.  He looks at his soda then back to the TV and says, “Maybe I’m putting too much ice in mine!”  That’s how I feel about pumpkin patches.  Everyone blogs about them as this all day greater than Disneyland party for their kids. 


I get this.  Long swig of my Diet Coke.  Yep, maybe I’m putting too much ice in mine. 

Actually, we picked a great pumpkin patch for our family’s needs.  The kids loved the hay bale maze (free) and the bounce house ($9).  The guy running the bounce house was awesome.  He gave our kids an extra five minutes just because he was a nice high school guy! 



Gwen was a little irritated that she couldn’t get her body to cooperate.  She wanted to go down the slide too but she kept slipping and couldn’t climb up to the top. 

Next to the bounce houses was another bounce house looking thing.  It was three slides.  I don’t know if it was $3 a person for one slide or 10 minutes of sliding.  The bounce houses were $3 for 10 minutes and you could go back and forth between the two bounce houses.  The kids, well I should say Parker, wanted to do the slides.  But we’re not stupid.  Those slides were really tall and steep.  So we said no.  He whined and cried and said please 50 bajillion times like maybe politeness would change our minds.  Another long swig of Diet Coke. 

We took them back to the hay bale maze.  The only other thing to do there was a slide that cost more tickets but it looked like a roller coaster of a slide.  Parker promised he wouldn’t be scared!  He quickly dropped the subject when we told him it was as scary as the roller coasters at Disneyland.  Gavin wanted pictures by the fun Halloween cutouts.  You’ve already seen how well that worked out in front of the cow. 


So we tried the ghost.  Gwen looks like she’s thinking, “You’re not scary.”


Ah yes.  Photographic evidence of the kids fighting over who got to stand where and touch which part of the ghost.


Gwen holding the pumpkin bucket while Parker has a look of feigned innocence.  Not buying it kid. 


All I can do is laugh.  My kids are crazy.  An hour and a half and $9 later we were done.  The kids loved that we got to go to a pumpkin patch!  And no surprise that we all slept until 8:30 the next morning.

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