Sunday, October 3, 2010

Teacher’s Pet

Parker is always so excited to show me the work he did in class.  On Friday the first thing he showed me was

IMG this.

Of course, as a mother, I was impressed and very proud.  My friend started looking through her son’s papers to see if he had an award too.  Nope.  Parker was the only student in his class that was given an award.  When I found that out after we got home I was even more proud of my little boy. 

We walked to the back of the school where I pick up Gavin.  Most days I have to search for Gavin.  He’s off running around with friends or hiding from me.  I would be annoyed by the hiding but it cracks me up.  He wants so badly to trick me and I see him every time.  I just have to laugh. 

Friday, Gavin marched straight towards us and in a demanding tone of voice said, “Parker!  Why didn’t you share with me!”

I was so confused.  I was wondering when those two even see each other at school.  Kindergarten does their own thing and are separate from the other students more often than not.  Kindergarten even has their own playground. 

Parker:  What?
Gavin:  Why didn’t you share your ice cream with me?
Me:  Because he didn’t get any . . .
G:  No.  He got ice cream with the principal!
M:  What?  Parker did you win ice cream with the principal?
P:  No I didn’t.  I just gotted this award from my teacher and she gived me this treat.  (the treat was a bag of teddy grahams that he showed me with his award when I picked him up)
G:  No!  You got ice cream with the principal.  They said your name.

I tried to figure out what happened.  Gavin swears he heard them announce Parker’s name as a winner of ice cream with the principal.  Parker insisted his award was only for his class.  I trusted Parker.  Gavin may have misunderstood or heard that some other Parker won the Lifeskills drawing.  It was a crazy argument that continued all the way home.  Somehow Gavin was able to drop it when we got home. 


A couple more stories about Parker, who may in fact be the teacher’s pet. 

Included in his homework packet for the week was a manner’s paper.  I recognized the assignment from when Gavin had to do it two years ago.  It sat on the desk in the office with the invisible walls in easy reach of Gwen, our own little Swiper in training even though we don’t watch Dora the Explorer. 

Parker is the model of politeness and manners so really all I had to do was take two seconds to mark the paper saying he had demonstrated what he needed to during the week.  I saw the paper Tuesday morning and by Tuesday afternoon it was gone.  I have searched everywhere and still haven’t found it.  I emailed Parker’s teacher telling her that his dog did not eat his homework because we don’t have a dog.  We have a two year old who gets into everything.  I said I would keep looking for it but there were no guarantees he would turn it in on time. 

She responded by thanking me for letting her know what happened.  She said she would give me another copy and give him another week to complete it.  (This never happened and I suppose I should remind her but it’s kindergarten and I kind of don’t really care!  Oops, did I say that out loud?)  Then she ended the email by saying that Parker is always polite in class.  I was proud and not too surprised. 

For the month or so the kids have been in school all the moms in Parker’s class tell me how sweet he is.  One mom told me that most of the boys are naughty but Parker isn’t.  He follows directions and is really sweet and cute.  That made my day.  It reminded me of every babysitter I ever had watch my boys when they were little.  Every babysitter would say my boys were easy to watch and they were always good.  I still get compliments from babysitters about all my kids. 

Parker is really funny to watch when I drop him off at school.  He is Mr. Popular but he has no idea.  Every kid goes out of their way to say hi to him.  I tell him he should be friendly and say hi back.  He does that now but he still doesn’t remember most of the kids’ names.  He says while rolling his eyes in that funny way he does, “I can’t remember all their names!”  I always wonder how kids instinctively know which kids are introverts and which kids are extroverts.  Yet somehow they know. 

One night at dinner Parker was saying that some kids in his class were arguing and name calling.  According to Parker, he told one boy not to say mean names.  I was so impressed.  A mother’s fear is always what will happen to her children when she sends them out into the real world.  Will they remember the lessons they were taught at home?  Mine seem to be doing really well so far.  Knock on wood. 

Parker is a fun little guy.  I’m happy he was recognized with an award, whatever the circumstances were for it. 

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Dawn said...

Way to go, Parker. You are a wonderful little boy.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

On behalf of Parker, "Thanks Grandma!"