Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Happy Halloween everyone.  One thing I took for granted living in Utah was that everyone celebrated Halloween on Saturday if it happened to fall on a Sunday.  The fact that the whole state recognized the Mormon tradition of keeping the Sabbath day holy is no small thing.  We have decided to let the kids dress up and help pass out candy tonight.  They did all their trick or treating last night at our Stake’s annual Trunk or Treat party. 

It’s hard to say if the Trunk or Treat was more crowded than usual since it was the only opportunity for trick or treating for the members. 


I think it’s always crowded.  People usually run out of candy at the Trunk or Treat but I think it happened sooner than usual last night.  Everyone was pulling out of the parking lot by 8:00 pm.  I heard someone say there were over 500 kids expected to be in attendance. 

For all the ward and Stake level Trunk or Treat parties I have been to over the years I would have to say that this Stake is the best.  They have the best games, decorations, and organization. 


Unfortunately, I never have the crowd patience for more than a couple of games. 


The one activity we look forward to every year is the photograph by a professional photographer in another ward.  The line for this is long.  It goes from the front foyer, where the photographer is set up, to the back door.  I am not making that up.  But look at that cute picture.  It’s worth the wait.  Parker said he forgot to smile. 


There was another fairy waiting in line by us.  The two girls were instant friends.  Shared fairyhood will do that. 

Heath went as a BYU fan in his BYU shirt.  I went as a skinny wicked witch of the West.  My plan was to go as a witch because then I wouldn’t have to dress up.  Get it?  It’s a joke.  But I got some new jeans to replace the jeans that are too big for me.  I walked into the store wearing one size, holding the pants up with a belt, and walked out with a pair of jeans two sizes smaller! 


After the trunk or treating Gwen helped herself to a lollipop.  This was her third or fourth lollipop of the day.  We got haircuts earlier and Gwen was fabulous.  Next time I need a trim I’m taking her by myself because if she’s anything like she was yesterday she’ll be fine.  Lollipops, books, and me telling her beforehand that she would be beautiful after getting her hair cut, was all it took to have the stylists and customers amazed that she’s only two years old.  I’m bummed that the season of pros and semi pros doing our hair at home is over.  We’ll be fine though. 


Gavin had tons of fun but once we were finished trunk or treating and just sitting in the van waiting for the parking lot to clear out so we could leave, he was done.  He couldn’t figure out why we had to wait.  Poor kid.  He has my impatience for crowds. 

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Dawn said...

I think trunk or treat is an awesome idea. Our ward had ours Friday night. I like the idea of a Stake one then I could see grandkids too. I don’t understand why everyone can’t just see that Halloween does NOT belong on Sunday but I guess that is how Babylon works. Our house will be dark this evening. We will be forced to eat all the candy by ourselves. What cute costumes your children have;)