Friday, October 8, 2010

What’s the weather like in your world?

Mealtimes have always been one of my favorite moments of the day with kids.  Somehow putting a plate of food in front of a child brings out the Say What in them.  Gavin and Parker can say some of the most off the wall things when we’re enjoying family dinner.  My standard response has become, “What’s the weather like in your world?” 

They don’t get the playful sarcasm so they start telling me about their world.  Gavin has a dog and Parker emphatically declares that he does not.  I do my best to record the crazy things they say.  While I don’t always remember, we all have memories of mealtime. 

As beautiful as all that is it makes me laugh.  We are a normal family.  We are not the Rockefeller’s.  Milk gets spilled around here.  A lot.  And we yell a lot as we all compete for attention.  Each person’s story is much more important than the next.  Mealtime seems to be the most egotistical time of day for all of us!

I should just embrace the moment when Heath and I finally stop talking to each other to ask a child, in exasperation, what they need to say.  The response is usually a knock knock joke or a why did the chicken cross the road randomness.  Gwen will ask why the chicken crossed the road and then start telling a knock knock joke for the answer.  She’s crazy. 

The following pictures have nothing to do with anything.  I just wanted to share pointless stories and pictures today.  In my world the weather is sunny and funny today. 


Epitome of childhood
I remember trying on my mom’s shoes.  She had a lot of stylish shoes.  Suede knee high boots, wedge sandals (funny that I have some too now!), and a pair of white heels with a lace up feature on the back of the heel with a little bow – those were my favorites of all her heels.  I never knew how I wanted my tiny foot in her shoes.  Do I push it all the way forward into the toe?  Or hold my heel in place in the back while my own toes wiggled freely in front of the toe of the shoe?


I don’t know how to feel about this one.  I have decided to laugh because it reminds me of two year old Gavin.  He was always getting into my closet and pulling out my brown, square toed ankle boots.  He would put them on and shuffle around in his shorts and t-shirt saying, “I Woody!”  Cracked me up every time.  As soon as I was done photographing Parker I told him to take my shoes off.  Heath’s shoes don’t get tried on nearly as often as mine for some reason.


She who dies with the most shoes wins.  Gwen’s collection is growing since she has claimed my shoes for herself.  Actually she puts them on and says, “I Mommy!”


These now ratty ballet flats were purchased when I was pregnant with Gwen.  I wanted something that didn’t require bending over.  The best part is that here in CA it doesn’t get really cold in the winter so I only wear socks to bed when I’m cold.  Heath would put my socks on for me when I was front heavy with baby.  Otherwise I’m a slip my bare feet into shoes and go kind of gal. 


Today’s braid turned out better than I hoped while being not at all what I imagined.  I did a French braid from one ear to the other.  It was supposed to come down at more of an angle but I think it looks cute. 


Maybe I’m not a great hair photographer because this looks so much cuter in real life.  Part of the problem is that I was zoomed in trying to avoid capturing my messy kitchen. 


The goldfish made this impromptu photo shoot interesting.

more-hair-003 more-hair-004

Such a character.  I love the cheesy grin with the masticated goldfish in her teeth.  That’s a lovely touch!

Give-me-money!-002 Give-me-money!-004

“Mom, give me money!”
So I’m sitting here typing this post of pointless to most but priceless to us memories and Gwen comes over with the cowboy hat on.  She gets my attention and then tells me to give her money!  That girl.  How did we ever live without her?


There are no words except, “What’s the weather like in your world today?”

4 thoughts:

sugarpierdh said...

You're kids are hilarious! I'm liking the braid pictures. You could start your own hair blog.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Candi! You know firsthand how nuts my kids can be. And thanks for the vote of confidence on the hair blog. I actually thought of that this week but I don't have that many ideas. Although it could be interesting to do a hair blog with the premise of embracing hairstyles on the first take. I don't get second chances on braids.

mintifresh said...

I'm impressed with the braid! I cannot do that to save my life! For some reason I can french braid my own hair pretty good but I just look like a dork.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Mindi! I remember feeling really good about myself when I learned to french braid my own hair. Of course I was 12. I kind of think braided hair looks best on the young. Or the 1980's.