Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Great Ideas

This month is Thanksgiving and I thought it would be a great idea to blog at least one thing every day I/you/we am/are thankful for.  That was a weird sentence.  Today is only the second day of the month so there’s not much to catch up on. 

Yesterday I was grateful that things didn’t turn out worse and I was grateful for lessons learned and of course I was grateful for family who love me.  Today I am grateful for childhood literacy and the fact that I live in California where it is 80 degrees outside right now on November 2! 

If you’re stumped I’ll give you a freebie.  I only said one negative thing about Halloween all month!  For the number of people who love Halloween, seeing me bag on it only once in the middle of a post where I talked about my darling decorations has got to be something you’re all thankful for right? 

Everyone is going through something and even if you aren’t at the moment it’s always a good idea to be grateful.  The prayers in my house usually include more things we want to be blessed with than things we are thankful for.  I want to change that attitude, not just with prayers but in every aspect of life.  So join with me in posting (or commenting) your list of blessings every day this month.  I bet each person ends up with more than 30 blessings in a month! 

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