Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daily Dialogue and Vocabulary

Jenny Jenny Say What
Parker:  Mom, what’s my phone number?
Me:  867-5309 (number changed to protect our privacy)
Gavin:  Hey that’s my number too!
Me:  I know, it’s like we live in the same house or something!

Primary Say What
Me:  The prophet may be involved in civic matters.  Does that make sense?
10 year old Sr. Primary boy:  I don’t know.  Isn’t a Civic like a car or something?

Tooth Fairy Say What
Parker:  When I lose my teeth I will write a letter to the Tooth Fairy.  I will say
Dear Parker, 
Can you just give me a new toothbrush?  Because the one I have now is boring.  It just haves a picture but it’s not a TV show or a movie. 

Advertisement Say What
Gavin:  Dessert first?
Heath:  No, it says Deseret First.  It’s a bank. 

Me:  I feel like I’m really low.
Parker rolling his eyes to high heaven:  Just eat some cereal or something.

Parker:  O-F.  Off! 
Me:  Good reading but it actually says of.
P:  No it doesn’t!  It spells off!
This went on all day until Heath told him to read the light switch which clearly says “OFF.”

Gavin:  Can you help me spell February?
Me:  F-e-b-r-u-a-r-y
G:  I’ll just write June. 

Random person:  How are you?
Gwen:  I Gwen Westovuh

Say What vocabulary

Toys For Us = Toys R Us  (Parker)
Bunk = bonk and bump combined as in “I bunk my head!”
born = anything to do with babies as in “When I was born I had an Elmo shirt.”  (Parker)
Sannaclock = Santa Claus
Sannaclock Song = All I Want for Christmas
Fairy Song = Little Bunny Foo Foo
Don’t cry sweetheart = the song that goes, “Hush little baby don’t say a word Mama’s gonna buy you a mocking bird etc.”
strong cheese = string cheese
Elmo’s World = anything with Sesame Street characters
bunnut = button
doe dareful = be careful
Gawin = Gavin
Pokuh = Parker  (I think, it’s really hard to translate her pronunciation of Parker into text)

One of my earliest posts like this was titled Everyday Dialogue.  It still brings in Google traffic all these years later.  Today I am thankful that these posts have never ended.  I am also thankful that for as well as Gwen speaks she still has some cute mispronunciations. 

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