Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dang that looks good!

My thankful heart has a special place in it for all things visually pleasing.  You know, stuff that makes your eyes pop while you exclaim, “Dang!  That looks good!” 

Ghirardelli chocolate squares – holiday variety
I am thankful I was helping in Gavin’s Primary class today because all the Primary teachers got a bag full of these luscious chocolate squares as a thank you in honor of Thanksgiving.  There was peppermint bark with milk chocolate or dark chocolate (Heath loved the dark), eggnog (not very good), pumpkin spice caramel, and pecan pie (that was the best).  Dang that stuff looked so good I had to eat it all.  Hey, I shared one with Heath. 

My outfit
I wore a sweater to church today that I got for Christmas last year when my arms still resembled the Michelin man.  Now I have shoulders.  I thought I looked good enough for church.  Maybe a little like I was heading to a funeral since it was a black sweater with a black skirt and black heels.  My hair looked pretty good today too.  All nice and shiny.  Do I sound completely full of myself yet?  FYI – I entertained the idea of being  the Narcissistic Storyteller once upon a time!  Anyway, I got home and because I was cold I kept the sweater on and threw on a pair of jeans.  I looked at myself in the mirror and am not embarrassed to admit that I said out loud, “Dang!  I look good!  How much weight have I lost?”  I am thankful for a healthy self esteem that has not always been there when I check myself out in the mirror. 

Heath’s culinary talents


Dang that looks good.  It was too.

Every Sunday he makes homemade bread of some kind.  The rolls are from a recipe for pain de Paris.  When I asked if that didn’t just mean French bread he got all on my case and said, “Do we live in the United States of Washington DC or do we live in the United States of America?”  Fine.  Parisian bread.  It’s supposed to make a loaf of, I’m sorry but, French bread.  He made the loaves last week which were fabulous.  Today he did it as rolls.  The dough start had sat in the fridge all week so it smelled faintly like sourdough bread.  Luckily it tasted like warm, fluffy, crisp rolls.  We may live in the San Francisco Bay Area aka Sourdough Country but I still don’t like sourdough bread.  I am thankful that my husband loves to cook and bake amazingly delicious bread. 

It’s a good thing I still look fantastic in my confidence boosting jeans after eating what I’ve eaten today!  No worries.  Steven and I have a date tomorrow morning to work it off.  Little wonder I struggle with my blood sugar on Sundays.  Today has been pretty good all things considered. 

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