Saturday, November 20, 2010

Go ahead and rain on my parade!

Gwen:  I sorry Mom.
Me:  Why are you sorry?
Gwen:  Raining.
Me:  Don’t be sorry that it’s raining.  Be happy!  Rain is good.  It waters the plants.  We like the rain.  Don’t be sorry be happy.
Gwen:  Be happy! 

The world is getting a bath today.  At least California is getting a bath.  I am thankful for rain.  And football games that BYU wins in spite of bad officiating.  What was up with the call on that last interception?  BYU intercepted the ball and almost ran it in for a touchdown but Grumpy Ref called unnecessary roughness on another BYU player, which by definition means it happened after the play but even if BYU needed to be charged with a 15 yard penalty shouldn’t that 15 yards be from where the guy was tackled at the 1 yard line rather than the spot of the foul?  Whatever.  They still won 40 – 7.  A win’s a win and now BYU is bowl eligible.  But I really am mostly thankful for the rain today.  I love rain.

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