Thursday, November 18, 2010

Go away crows!


This was the homework for the week.  Just this.  My friend looks at all the homework as soon as her son walks out of class.  She had asked if I knew anything about the kids dressing up as scarecrows.  I didn’t.  Honestly, I wasn’t interested and I figured it was an optional assignment.  Until I got home and saw that was all the homework for the week.  Didn’t we just have Halloween? 

Heath, being the brilliant problem solver that he is, talked me down from the ledge and told me we could do something with paper bags.  When we both were brainstorming clothing choices we already have, he said it would be perfect if we had a flannel shirt.  I told him we did!  Dawn had painstakingly drawn red lines on the yellow fabric she used to make Woody’s shirt.  Clap, clap, problem solved. 

The plan was to work on the costume last night.  We got the kids into bed and were ready to zombie out in front of the tube when we both realized in the same moment that we hadn’t done anything with the costume.  We grabbed what we needed and Heath worked his magic by duct taping paper bags inside the sleeves and pants.  Very simple but it got the job done so we were happy. 

As we were about to go to bed Heath said, “We should have just made a T-shirt that says ‘Go away crows!’”  Suddenly that was all I wanted.  A subtle stick it to the man way around the assignment.  But it was late and we were tired and Heath said he didn’t want to do it.  I told him I would grab one of the extra white shirts and he could print the phrase on an iron on transfer.  It would be easy peasy nice and breezy, not to mention really funny.  But Heath said no because he would want to put birds  flying away on the shirt and it would take time to perfect it to his liking.  Darn perfectionism!  Then he pointed to the shirt and pants lying on the couch and said, “Plus, I already did this.” 

He was right.  It looked good.  I could have made a custom T-shirt this morning but I wasn’t interested.  Although I still think it would have been awesome.  Darn procrastination! 


Parker saw his clothes this morning and was pretty excited.  He kept asking where the stick was.  I told him that he’s a boy and not a real scarecrow.  If he had a stick he couldn’t walk or bend well. 

He says the paper is itchy and the tape sticks to his arms and his pants are stiff and uncomfortable.  But he loves it. 


Good thing because I just drank the kindergarten punch for you kid! 

I have to laugh about the friend situation.  One of his friends was going to be a Pilgrim because he has a white shirt and black pants.  The other friend was going to be a Native American.  These boys had a play date the other day and they were talking about the costume assignment.  They all changed their minds and wanted to be what the other kid wanted to be.  I thought that was kind of funny.  Five year old boys.  It looks like the one decided to be a scarecrow instead of a Native American.  You can kind of see another Pilgrim on the far right of the picture. 


Gwen wanted to dress up too.  I love how she has assumed the position on the wall.  I also really like the pink socks.  Nice touch.  I said to her, “You look good Gwen.”  She got all upset, “No!  I Tinkerbell!”  Excuse me. 

She was not happy that I would change her out of her costume to eat lunch.  Then she about lost her mind when Parker came out to the van dressed as a scarecrow. She wanted to be Tinkerbell.  I was irritated because IT’S NOT HALLOWEEN!!!!!!  I was nice about Halloween this year but this assignment pushed a few buttons with me. 

At school all the kids were asking Parker why he was wearing his Halloween costume. Yeah, we should have just made the  T-shirt.  I could have at least taken a Sharpie to a white shirt to write “Go away crows!”

Most of the class was seriously decked out in full costumes, many of which were purchased premade from Party City.  Holy it’s a kindergarten assignment!  I talked with a couple of moms afterwards and we were just stunned by the level of participation for an assignment we were given on Monday.  We had no idea it was such a big deal.  We all thought Halloween was over.  If I can survive Gwen in kindergarten I think I deserve a medal.  Or at least a cookie.  I suppose I have to survive Parker in kindergarten first.

Today I am thankful for Heath.  He lets me vent and then he provides real solutions like fringing out paper bags to make a scarecrow costume.  He also makes me laugh.  Usually in the moment I need to the most.  “Go away crows” was just that moment.  I am also thankful for realistic parents who feel the same way I do about the over the top attitude of the schools in this community. 

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