Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful even in California


“We decided we needed a walk even though it was only 38 degrees. Izzy is a trooper.”  Candi and Ed

Even though you can’t see much background it looks cold in this picture.  Last night our low hit the upper 20’s.  Wally Weatherman has been warning the Bay Area of freezing temperatures.  Today’s high should reach 53 with full sun.  That may sound fabulous except it can be bitterly cold here in the winter.  My computer temperature reads 43 degrees right now.  Where are my kids?  Outside with bare feet and no jackets.  I love how I can’t pay them enough to go outside when it’s nice but as soon as it gets legitimately cold they want to go outside.  Half naked no less! 

Parker is only in long pants because I took all his shorts out of his drawer.  Gwen played outside for a minute in her skirt and T-shirt with flip flops.  She came back in to read her book and say to no one in particular, “It’s cold.”  Yes Baby, it is cold.  Dress for the occasion!  And that’s the best part of this story.  The boys freaked out when I told them to put on a jacket and shoes.  Suddenly they didn’t want to play outside anymore.  Bring on the teenage years.  I’m ready. 

3 thoughts:

Sherron said...

I decided to drive my kids to school today so they wouldn't have to walk on the snow covered sidewalks ans wait for the bus because it was 3 degrees outside. Brrr, it was cold! I got really upset with my 10 year old because he was wearing only a jacket. I turned around and made him put on a coat. Sure, the van was nice and toasty, but the temperature was only 15 degrees when they had to walk home from the bus stop.

I'm okay with them wearing shorts and the sort when the weather is above 30 but 3 degrees with a jacket and no gloves? Crazy kid!
What is it with boys?

sugarpierdh said...

Our low for last night was 10 degrees and our high for today was 18 degrees. Tonight it should get to a whopping 2 degrees.
What a great picture by the way. :)

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Oh wow! Those temperatures are making me really glad I don't live in Utah anymore. The humidity here makes 40 and 50 degrees chill the bones but I don't care who you are, 3, 10, 15, or 18 degrees is COLD!!!