Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Daily

Sometimes it’s easy to be thankful only after the winds of adversity have calmed.  What if our lives have been comfortable for a while and free of drama?  Are we always grateful for what we have?  Do we even notice the blessings all around us?  Or does our gratitude for the simple things in life only come when we are in the midst of turmoil? 

This month has been so much fun for me.  Every day I have thought of new things to be grateful for.  It has really opened my eyes to the wonderful world around me and the things that matter most in life that I often take for granted.  I may not have fame or fortune but I am rich in blessings.  My life is a gift. 

Today I am thankful for rain followed by a break in the clouds.  That break in the clouds enticed us outside for a walk which led to a playground and new friends.  I am thankful I live in this neighborhood.  It’s so different from any other place I have ever lived.  How blessed is my family to live here.  Friendly people are everywhere.  It’s gorgeous here with so many plants, trees, and animals.  A couple weeks ago my friend’s son found an owl pellet at the park.  An owl pellet!  My only experience with that was in school where a wildlife person brought one in to teach the class.  But there are owl pellets practically in my backyard! 

What are you thankful for?