Monday, November 29, 2010


A Tangled ad plus hard copies of Heath’s Power Point lesson for Sunday School a few weeks ago equaled Wanted Posters all over the house.  Oh how I love my Bug’s creativity! 


and my personal favorite  2 
Is this like a tribute to his ancestors who persecuted the Saints? 

Gavin is such a great kid.  He is always writing stories.  Stapled packets of Heath’s work in the recycling basket are like gold to Gavin.  His latest stapled story is Uncle Underpants. 

I love watching his writing skills improve.  I especially love his large, sloppy handwriting because it reminds me of my own.  His handwriting is a window to his soul.  The more excited he is the larger the print.  The angrier he is the darker the print.  You get the idea.  I know he should print more legibly and I make him for homework, but at home I let his creativity spread its wings and fly.  There should never be limits placed on creativity.  It sucks all the fun out. 

The speech for November and December was to memorize a poem.  The kids were asked to use props or hand gestures to help make the poem more meaningful.  I thought turning himself into a turkey was pretty funny and illustrated the point of the poem quite nicely.  He presented his poem to his class this morning after this flawless delivery for me at home. 

I am so thankful for Gavin.  Man I love this kid! 

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sugarpierdh said...

That was a very cute poem and he delivered it perfectly. Gavin is great!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks Candi! :)