Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Say What


New pajamas from Grandma Westover on Christmas Eve


Gavin:  No no no no no!
Heath:  What’s wrong, Gavin?
G:  I didn’t get to save Donkey!
H:  Some dreams get interrupted.  Sorry.  Let’s go open presents!


Checking out the tree first thing Christmas morning.  We sure got a lot of loot for a year we weren’t doing Christmas!


Christmas is so much more fun with kids.

Parker:  Gavin!  Stop moving so I can shoot you!
Gavin to his new robotic hamster:  Try again . . . Maybe you shouldn’t be a guide. 


“I need to brush my teeth!”
Santa gave each kid a new toothbrush and their very own toothpaste.  Oral hygiene has never been so fun. 

Santa gives the best stocking stuffers.  He also gave them all new underwear, which is a good thing since Gwen has been asking to be potty trained.  I was going to wait until her birthday but she’s finally ready.  She didn’t like the idea of wearing her Tinkerbell panties she got in her stocking last year.  The whole time at Disneyland she said she wanted Princess underwear.  How lucky that Santa gave her seven pair of Princess panties to wear. 


We scored several games this year.  My brother and his family gave us this Flickin’ Chicken game that all three of us who can read thought said “Frickin’ Chicken.”  It’s a fun game.  We call the chickens flickin frickin chickens.

We told the kids the only toys they could buy from Disneyland were for their siblings as gifts for Christmas.  They all had a blast shopping for each other.  These are gifts Parker gave.  Gwen says, “This my Baby Witch” as she pushes her around in the stroller. 

Other Gwenisms:  Rapunzel = Punzel or Tangled
Beauty and the Beast = Belle and the Monster
Jasmine = Jazlynn
Snow White = Snow Wipe

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