Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friendship Politics

There is no test to pass in order to reproduce.  Maybe if there was some people would put more thought into having children.  For example, none of the pregnancy books or classes ever mention that having a child means you relive every painful childhood experience by watching history repeat itself in your child. 

Today’s pain comes from the politics of friendship.  I would say Elementary School Politics but it doesn’t end there.  It just gets more complicated and nasty as time goes on and just when you think you can get through a new onslaught of mudslinging by telling yourself it ends by adulthood, you’re an adult and realize the political game continues into adulthood.  Kind of sad really. 

Why all the games?  That’s why it’s so wonderful to have a friend who knows everything about you but loves you anyway.  This is a rare find so if you have a friend like this, hold onto them.  I get so tired of the mind games and political correctness with friends that I’m extremely grateful I have a husband I don’t have to play games with.  I can go home and just be me.  The good, the bad, and the really ugly and he still loves me. 

It just hurts to watch a child be on the raw end of the political friendship stick.  What can you do?  Offer a shoulder for the child to cry on.  Give a pep talk knowing full well they don’t believe it right now because their wounds are deep and real.  Then wait for them to be ready to move on.  It can’t be forced.  You didn’t like to be forced to move on too soon when you were cut deep by a so called friend. 

For all the movies that shed light on this very issue nothing has changed.  Friendship is a political game.  Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. 

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