Monday, December 13, 2010

If you want to see fun Christmas lights

you should drive through my neighborhood.  Every year there is a contest for the best Christmas lights with cash prizes for the first, second, and third place winners.  We’re talking serious cash prizes – $500 anyone?  So far we have not won.  It’s as if most people use more than a string or two of lights to decorate their homes.  I still keep my fingers crossed though. 

Last year we found an awesome idea in Family Fun Magazine but we never got around to it.  This year we were this close to doing it.  How hard would you laugh if you saw a string of lights halfway across a roof then leading down to the bushes and a pair of legs in the air next to a ladder as if someone fell off the roof putting their lights up?  I thought it was pretty good.  A neighbor told us that he knew someone who did that and the cops told him to take the display down because people kept reporting it thinking it was real! 

As funny as all that is we decided to put up more decorations than we ever have before. 


We even had a jingle bell wreath that was pretty sweet because it looked like it was glowing from behind.  Heath went outside to take pictures of the lights.  He couldn’t resist his own handiwork and started messing with the wreath.  Jingle bells exploded all over the porch.  Bummer.  It really did look cool.  I’ll have to hot glue the jingle bells back on and try again. 


Blitzen joined us last year.  The kids love him.  They think he eats the candy cane while he waves to passersby.  What a friendly guy. 


One year someone came by asking if we wanted to pay for luminaries.  The plan was to get everyone on the street to have luminaries on the sidewalk in front of their houses on Christmas Eve.  It sounded like a great idea so we paid however much we did.  I think it was like $20 or something.  A lot of people did participate which was cool to see.  I was a little disappointed in the final product though.  The luminaries were dropped off at our house and I was surprised to see they were only paper bags, dirt, and tea lights. 

This year Heath decided to buy some luminaries.  These ones are thick, plastic bags with frosted snowflake designs and LED lights inside.  They come five in a box but you can string several together and since they are LED they don’t use a lot of electricity.  I think they’re cool. 


There was some holiday decorating special on HGTV last week.  They said something about how it’s a nice idea to light the path to your front door.  We already did!  Blitzen says hi and the luminaries take you the rest of the way to the door with the garland and until last night, the jingle bell wreath.  There is another way to our front door but you can see how many leaves are scattered everywhere.  The path by the driveway that is under the tree has less leaves than the path from the street.  I need to rake them up with Parker.  He’s been wanting to jump in the leaves ever since he did that last year.  I’m just impressed that there are this many leaves to rake.  The gardeners took care of the leaves on Friday.  One weekend later and Parker finally will have a big enough pile to jump in.  Coolio. 

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