Friday, December 17, 2010

My favorite holiday things

My taste in decorating is fancy.  I love fancy furniture with a Victorian flair and I love fancy holiday decorations. 

The Christmas tree is mine.  Nobody is allowed to touch it.  It’s beautiful so leave it alone is the rule around here.  I know a lot of people who let their kids decorate the tree.  Heath makes me decorate my tree every year because he thinks I’m as particular about the decorations as my mom is about hers.  I’m not particular about placement as much as just the decorations themselves.  Since I have the fancy schmancy decorations that I love I guess the only thing I’m particular about is that the kids don’t touch them even if they are plastic and unbreakable. 

I’m happy for people who have more family friendly trees.  I don’t think ill of anyone for their decorating choices.  Christmas decorating is personal.  Personally I like the gorgeous look. 


I just have to laugh that every year Gavin manages to put his latest school creations on my tree. 


Every year I’m ok with it too.  He usually puts the decorations on the last week of school before the long break and I guess by then I’ve thawed to the idea.  His decorations look so out of place yet at the same time they go.  They remind me that I am a mother and proud of it. 

I’m not sure what my kids will remember the most about Christmas when they grow up.  They’ll probably remember that I filled the house with decorations they were not allowed to breathe around but hopefully they remember that I did allow their school, paper creations on the tree.  I always find a spot on the wall for their holiday art projects.  After all, Christmas is about joy.  Childlike joy counts when the kids are so proud of their work being displayed. 


Homemade gifts and children go hand in hand.  That’s another part of Christmas I love.  I love the little things kids make or buy for gifts.  I believe that giving should come from the heart. 


I also love that Parker’s class was able to make gingerbread houses with milk cartons, graham crackers, cans of frosting, and candy.  So cute.  The kids had a blast making these.  I heard that most of the boys ate more candy than what they put on their houses.  Parker didn’t seem to be one of them.  He was pretty disappointed that I wouldn’t let him eat much of it when he brought it home because there were ants all over it and I think the black specks in the frosting on the plate are actually dead ant bodies.  We trashed it after the kids were in bed.  Sorry Parker. 

School is finally over for the year.  I was so excited to have the boys home but they are partied out.  Parker cried a lot from too much excitement and an impromptu play date to kill time out of the rain while we waited for the rest of the school to be released.  I hate minimum days.  Why can’t kindergarten get out the same time as everyone else?  Anyway, the kids are zombied out in front of a Netflix movie and the next two weeks are smiling at us with endless possibilities. 

So long for now.  We are devoting our energies to a surprise 6 months in the making.  More on that later . . .  

3 thoughts:

Dawn said...

I am so glad school is out for two weeks! I love Gavin's addtions to the tree.

Jenni said...

Ummmm.....cute post, but you can't leave us hanging on the surprise "6 months in the making." What is that all about??? You're not pregnant are you??? Now I'm going to be on pins and needles waiting to know what those words mean!

MT said...

I went to the garden center by my house the other day and they had a few beautiful trees that I really admired - but our house has the kind that are decorated by the kids. ;) Merry Christmas!