Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nothing Works

Nothing works.  My head has been aching for days now with minimal letup, unless you count occasional nausea, which I don’t.  Two hours ago Heath left work.  He’s not on the Bay Bridge yet.  Stupid car accident.  I shouldn’t be so mad at the people involved who could be hurt but come on!  Pay attention people! 

Nothing works.  Months ago the CD player stopped working.  Now it’s just a great place to store discs, I guess.  Good thing there’s room for 300 of them.  Years ago the movers broke our stereo so Heath bought a new one on WOOT.  It never did play CD’s.  So I listen to music on the computer.  It works but it’s not the same. 

Nothing works.  Lately the TV has been acting up.  Today it finally kicked the bucket.  It worked fine until I changed the channel and then it went black.  I couldn’t even turn it off until I unplugged it.  The receiver has been on all day.  It won’t turn off either.  Gwen and Parker took chairs upstairs to sit outside my room and watch TV while I cleaned bathrooms.  One day I’ll trust my kids enough to take down the baby gate.  For now it’s nice to know that two rooms in the house are safe.  As far as the bathroom cleaning is concerned, I think I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!  Just kidding.  That nearly killed me.  The fumes, the exertion, the I don’t know of it all.  I thought I might die.  But I’m done and every bathroom is clean.  Now if only I could figure out how to get people to stop using them.  Why is it that when you clean one thing something else has to get dirty? 

Nothing works.  Gavin’s user name always tells him he can’t log in because there are time restrictions that prevent him from doing so.  Heath turned off the restrictions months ago.  So Gavin uses Parker’s user name because it doesn’t matter.  Now he’s asking me what the edit button is for and what the word modify means and if everyone’s email address uses the same domain name we do.  I can’t even begin to imagine what he’s doing right now.  I told him to play a game because heaven forbid I get up to see.  That might shift the equilibrium in my head enough I pass out hitting my head on something sharp and then I die.  Oh if only! 

Nothing works.  I got tired of getting up to answer the phone.  It hurt too much.  So I brought the phone onto the couch with me.  The battery died when Heath called to say he was not on the Bridge yet.  I had to run all the way upstairs to get another phone.  Then he couldn’t hear me.  He claimed it was his cell phone and a bad signal but I know better.  As soon as I have anything to contribute to a phone conversation the other person can’t hear me.  Once my mom and I called each other 20 plus times to have a short conversation.  It was the most irritating thing in the world. 

Nothing works.  As a result of the TV not working I did catch up on my reading.  I think I was about 40 pages behind.  I better make dinner.  Wish me luck that the cook top doesn’t explode or simply not work.  Or that the power doesn’t go out.  That would really be the cherry on top of this day. 

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