Thursday, December 2, 2010

Out of Curiosity

Do you ever wonder what models think when they are asked to pose for clothing magazines? 


Oh I hope no one I know walks by and sees me in this marshmallow coat without sleeves.  My tummy is warm but my arms are FREEZING!


Whose brilliant idea was it to wear ballet flats with this outfit that has been significantly dressed up with pearls and pantyhose?  Not only that but the shoes are plaid.  Plaid?  Really? 

My personal favorite:


You have got to be kidding!

The woman above is wearing a cardigan sweater with a scarf and ballet flats as if no one will notice she paired all of that with stretchy, tapered velour track pants.  You have got to be kidding indeed! 


This page almost speaks for itself. 

I’m sorry but what kind of fashion idiot buys a pair of these pants for $35 plus no less and thinks that’s ok.  Just because the writers at Lands’ End said that they are just “like sweats only presentable” doesn’t mean you have to wear them!  They are fancy sweat pants any way you look at them and the model only looks halfway decent in them because she is positioned strategically (and her stomach is flat as a board) so you don’t notice how unflattering these pants will be on a normal person. 

I remember my dad worked with a grandma type who wore an oversized baby pink sweatshirt with matching baby pink sweatpants – the uber 80’s kind with the elastic in the ankles – and a pair of fire engine red high heels.  I am not making that up!  My mom went home and put on her matching powder blue sweat suit with her white heels and pranced around laughing.  Yeah, heels don’t make sweats ok.  Granted it was the 80’s and everyone wore matching sweat suits but still . . .

Heels with sweats – no no
Heels with jeans – wicked awesome
Sport knit pants aka sweat pants – no no all the way around unless you wear them to bed

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

It's true. I am a poster child for what not to wear. By my age it is better to be comfortable than fasionable.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I respectfully disagree :)
Fashion can be comfortable and I wouldn't say you're the poster child for What Not to Wear.