Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweet Suite

For the vacation of a lifetime we booked a three room suite in the Disneyland Hotel.  This is what made it the vacation of a lifetime.  Anyone can go to Disneyland and stay in an off site hotel/motel for a lot less money than any of the three on site Disneyland resort hotels.  We chose to stay in the Disneyland Hotel because it’s been recommended by friends as something worth doing at least once in one’s life.  The other reason was that Kirk and Dayleen’s kids had never been to Disneyland before.  Why not go all out and make it the most special trip possible? 

The Dream Tower, where we stayed, had been recently refurbished.  At least the suites on the 10th floor had been refurbished.  What I have heard about the Disneyland Hotel is that everything is Mickey. 


This is kind of what I expected to see - Mickey shaped soap.  (The nail polish was from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique)


Everything was Mickey.  But it was so tastefully done.  I loved the rich look of the wallpaper.  It was so modern yet so Mickey.  Even the chunky, curvy frame of the mirror made me think Mickey.  The colors, textures, and style of literally everything in the room was so representative of Mickey Mouse it was amazing to me. 

I loved the shower tiles.  The bottom two thirds were a beige color.  Then there was a thick stripe of green and blue glass tiles with a subtle Mickey head etched on every other one.  I didn’t even notice the Mickey head etchings until the second to last day.  Heath never did notice.  It makes me wonder what else we missed because it was such a subtle detail.  Anyway, on top of the colored tiles were white subway tiles.  It was gorgeous.  I would totally tile a shower like that! 


In each bedroom above the beds was this beautiful headboard with twinkling lights.  The lamp on the nightstand had two switches.  One for the lamp and the other for the twinkly lights.  When you flip the switch to the twinkly lights it would play When You Wish Upon a Star.  Then the lights would stay on as long as you wanted them on.  I think we turned them off once and housekeeping turned them back on when they turned down the beds and left us chocolates that night.  You know, for that magical ambiance.  We would leave them on all night so the room wasn’t completely dark. 


These pillows were the first thing I noticed in the room.  Special touches everywhere. 


This framed collage was in every room.  It was in a different place in each room but it was in every room.  I love it! 

The California Westovers, as we called ourselves the whole 6 months we planned this trip, stayed in the smallest room.  It had two queen size beds.  The bathroom was different from the other three bathrooms too.  Yes, there were four bathrooms in a three bedroom suite.  Sweet!  Our bathroom had a tub and shower and the toilet was behind it’s own door like it was tucked away in a cute little closet with a nice framed painting of the Jungle Cruise Adventure on the wall. 


Grandma and Grandpa stayed in the middle room that sort of became the hallway for us to get to the main room.  Each room was separate but connected with adjoining doors.  So at night we all shut our adjoining doors for privacy.  Grandma and Grandpa’s room was spacious because it had one king sized bed.  They also had a single sink in their bathroom like us.  Kirk and Dayleen were the only ones with a double sink.  Grandma and Grandpa’s toilet was separated by a door too.  Their bathroom layout was slightly different from ours in that their toilet wasn’t around a corner like ours was.  I don’t really remember their room and I never looked in their bathroom.  I always felt bad that their room became the hallway. 


Kirk and Dayleen were in the most private of the three rooms.  Their room was part of the main room.  They also had two queen size beds.  Their bathroom had the double sinks like I said and a separate glass shower.  We arrived first giving us the choice of any of the three rooms but we figured that since Kirk and Dayleen’s kids were older it would be nicer for them to have a little more space than we had.  I think the bathroom fit their needs better too. 


I’m not enlarging this picture because it’s fuzzy.  It’s the only picture I can find of the main room.  The jackets are on the door that closed off Kirk and Dayleen’s room.  Housekeeping walked in on me twice right after I showered.  I started putting the Do Not Disturb sign outside because housekeeping came three or more times a day and I couldn’t keep up with their schedule!  Kirk and Dayleen just had to shut their door and housekeeping would have known not to go in there. 

The main room was awesome.  It had the seats you see Gavin sitting on plus a couch that pulled out into a bed.  That’s where Garrett and Gavin slept.  In the back corner was a fairly large round table with four chairs.  There was a refrigerator in the other corner.  Each room had a refrigerator too.  We kept all the breakfast food and snacks in this main room.  Of course we wouldn’t have spent $200 on food for everyone if we had known ahead of time we were part of the E-ticket club.  That meant that we could go up to the 11th floor and use our room keys to get into an elite concierge room with nearly round the clock snacks, food, and beverages (soda, hot chocolate, hot cider, etc). 

The one and only night the fireworks were not canceled due to insane amounts of rain, Kirk and Dayleen’s family watched from the 11th floor.  We happened to still be on the monorail and Grandma and Grandpa had made it to Main Street to see them live. 

Oh so back to the main room, there was a quarter bath and a coat closet.  The main room TV was the only one that did not have a DVD player but it had the Disney Channel on at least three different channels so the kids were happy when we came in to dry out. 

The suite was nothing like we imagined it would be.  It was better.  It was such an experience to stay there.  The concierge floor also had extremely friendly and helpful cast members.  I love how everywhere in Disneyland the employee only signs say Cast Members only.  It was so nice to go up there to relax and find a snack and just talk with whoever was working.  Heath and I went up there to change our appointment to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique from Tuesday where steady downpour was forecasted to Thursday where sun was forecasted.  The guy got on his computer and worked his magic.  It was easy as could be. 

It was very expensive to stay where we did but it was totally worth every penny.  I would highly recommend the Disneyland Hotel to anyone.  I loved the Grand Californian when we went earlier this year but the Disneyland Hotel was even better.  Our Westover Family reunion was the trip of a lifetime and I’m glad we had such a magical time. 

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Dawn said...

You are so right. It was a trip of a lifetime. I had always wanted to stay in the Disneyland Hotel and it was worth every penny. I can hardly wait to scrapbook the trip. I am anxiously awaiting the picture CDs. I also would like to see the professionally photos are your accounts so I can see if there is anything I want to buy.
Next trip is to Disney World but NOT in the rain.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Agreed on every point! I want to see everyone else's pictures even though I am overwhelmed by the 197 pictures and video we got from the trip. And I really need to check out the professional photos because I might just buy some. The photographers were really good. I think we should go to Disney World, but yeah, let's skip the rain!