Thursday, December 30, 2010

Under the Sea

Ariel’s Grotto was an interesting experience. 


It was something I was really looking forward to because it’s a character experience with only Disney Princesses.  Gwen loves Disney Princesses. 


Melina and Breena do too.  We were going to have this wonderful luncheon with princesses.  The girls were going to love it. 

Originally the girls had an appointment at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to get all dressed up to meet the princesses.  With all the rain we decided to change the appointment to the last day where no rain was forecasted and the girls could take Disneyland home with them. 

Grandpa took Garrett and Gavin to The Golden Horseshoe for lunch and for some male bonding time.  They had lunch and did some rifle shooting and rode some rides.  You know, guy stuff.  Gavin could not have been happier.  Parker decided to stay with the rest of us and see some princesses. 


That’s my boy!  The ladies man.  He had a lot of fun with us. 

When the restaurant was ready for us we went down a spiral staircase and under the sea.  Ariel was waiting to get pictures with each family.  Many families brought princess dresses to the restaurant and changed their girls while waiting to be seated.  That was a smart idea.  Some girls had been to the boutique and looked so pretty. 


We went as is.  Please note the smile on Gwen’s face.  It’s the last time you’ll see it. 


I’ve never been in an underwater restaurant before.  It was very beautiful.  The view from the French doors was of Paradise Pier and Mickey’s Wheel of Torture Mickey’s Fun Wheel.  The ambiance was fabulous.  The food was really good too. 

Ariel’s Grotto is not a buffet like Goofy’s Kitchen.  It’s a fancy sit down meal where all guests are seated before anything really starts.  Kind of like a royal undersea party.  Our family was seated early on so we sat around for what felt like an hour before our waiter came to take our order.  It’s ok.  I had Diet Coke and it was refilled a couple times. 


The waiter also brought out some appetizers for all the guests.  Each table was given these appetizer towers with three tiers as well as baskets of bread.  Gwen and Parker loved the Jell-O slices and string cheese the best.  While we waited the kids each had a crown, coloring page/menu, and a full sticker sheet to play with. 

When it was time to order most of us ordered the tri tip, including Parker.  Heath was proud of him and said, “That’s my little man!”  Parker thought it sounded good because I described it as “meat your dad makes on the grill with mashed potatoes.”  He was instantly sold.  The tri tip and potatoes were so good.  I was very impressed.  Heath has made me a tri tip snob.  But then again the tri tip I’ve eaten from other people tastes like lighter fluid and that’s not good eats right there! 


As we ate a page came out to announce the arrival of each princess.  Then she would make her way around the room stopping in order at each table and posing for pictures.  Note Gwen’s disgust and my last effort at enjoying the experience. 


Gwen whined and cried enough that I stopped trying to hold her in the pictures.  Then she wouldn’t sit in her seat and insisted on sitting on my lap.  I look relatively nice in the picture but as soon as I caught Heath’s eye I glared at him and hissed, “You owe me!”  So he made her sit back down so I could take deep swigs of Diet Coke. 


I kept waiting for the check.  We were all done eating except Gwen who hardly looked at her macaroni and cheese.  The waiter refilled my Diet Coke and said something about it being nice we didn’t have to pay for Gwen’s meal since she was still considered an infant until she turned 3.  Then dessert was brought out.  It was good too. 

When the whole experience was said and done we had been there for almost two hours.  I was so done and so ready for it all to be over.  I think I would have enjoyed the slow, deliberate agenda if it weren’t for Gwen who reminded me with her bratty behavior that I should never build something up too much ahead of time.  It’s nice to look at the pictures and see that Melina and Breena had a lot of fun.  I didn’t pay much attention to them since I had my hands full with Terrible Two Year Old. 

Would I recommend Ariel’s Grotto?  Yes I would.  It is really a nice experience, especially if you have little girls who stay excited to be there.  Just plan on being there for a while. 

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