Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo May All Your Dreams Come True

This is the Disneyland post everyone is most interested in.  This was the experience I was most excited about.  Because there are so many pictures I want to share, I have made a movie with pictures and the video captured of this day.  Big thanks to Dawn and Dayleen for sharing their pictures as well. 

I could not wait to see Gwen and her cousins go through a princess transformation together.  Actually, I couldn’t wait for Gwen to see her cousins for the first time since she was 6 months old.  They bonded quickly.  Gwen would ask, “Where my sisters?” or “Where my friends?” any time Melina and Breena were out with their family. 

The last day at Disneyland was busy.  We got up early to take advantage of the Magic Morning Madness where we could get into the park an hour earlier than the general public.  We played for a while then headed back to the room to give Gwen a bath before the salon appointment and to pack up to go home.  The bellhop came to hold everyone’s luggage and we rushed out the door to get to the appointment. 

Only we didn’t make it in time.  We tried.  The boys were crying because we were making them run the whole way.  I was disappointed we were late but there wasn’t much I could do about it.  The ladies at the Boutique told us we would have to wait until they could fit us into the scheduled appointments.  Then I was really sorry we were late since we waited about an hour before they were ready for us.  The adults’ moods were deteriorating with the wait in such a small shop. 

The girls were in little girl heaven with all the toys, costumes, jewelry, and dust collectors all in a princess theme.  Gwen would grab a cousin’s hand and pull her over to something glittery and shiny even if she had already seen that item several times already. 

By the time they were ready for the girls Gwen was getting tired of everything.  I started to worry that they were going to kick me out because I was late for my scheduled appointment and my baby, who was technically too young to have the princess salon experience, was crying.  Breena and Melina met their Fairy Godmothers right away.  I held my crying, cranky Gwen while I stood against the wall since there was no space on the bench.  Finally they were ready for Gwen. 

She refused to sit on the chair and I considered bursting into tears myself since I have wanted to do this since we went to Disneyland in the spring.  The Fairy Godmother was the sweetest person I have ever met.  She got on her knees to try to find Gwen’s face that was tipped so far down it was hidden behind her hair.  The Fairy Godmother asked Gwen if she would sit on the chair with Mommy.  Gwen said no because she said no to any question asked at that point.  I sat in the chair and put Gwen in my lap. 

Fairy Godmother stayed on the floor pretty much and kept talking to Gwen in a really sweet voice.  I don’t even remember what she said.  It was just small talk but suddenly Gwen was responding.  Fairy Godmother held out the card that had the three choices of hairstyles on it and asked Gwen which was her favorite.  I knew which one I wanted but as the questions kept coming and Gwen was actually picking things.  I realized it wasn’t about me.  I let Gwen choose whatever she wanted.  She chose the hairstyle I wanted her to but she chose Ariel red hair when I would have preferred dark brown Belle to match her own hair color better. 

The professional photographer took some really cute pictures of Gwen sitting on my lap in the chair getting her makeup done.  The pictures are very expensive so I don’t think I will be buying them even though some are super cute.  I don’t know though.  If I can narrow it down to two I may just pay the $15 for two 4x6 prints.  Then again, Dawn got some cute pictures of Gwen in my lap and I was happy to put those in the video. 

As soon as Gwen’s makeup was done Fairy Godmother asked if Gwen was ready to sit by herself to get her hair done.  She was all warmed up at that point so she had no problem climbing up into the chair.  Fairy Godmother asked if Gwen likes to get her hair done.  I said she sits for me at home.  Then FG gently brushed and combed Gwen’s hair up into a high ponytail for several minutes.  They had the cutest conversations that I of course missed recording.  I got partial recordings of FG asking questions she meant me to answer like whether or not I wanted Gwen’s bangs out. 

Disney Princess movie songs were playing in the background.  FG would ask Gwen which movie the song went with and Gwen knew every time.  I was just as surprised and impressed as FG was!  Then she asked Gwen how old she was.  Gwen confidently said she was 2.  FG was surprised again because Gwen was so smart and so good to sit there and be pampered. 

As soon as that red hairpiece went in I lost my little girl.  It was interesting to see Gwen as a redhead though.  I always dreamed of having a little girl with red hair.  A more natural looking strawberry blonde maybe without five inches of dark roots! 

FG told me that there is only one hairstyle that comes with a tiara so she asked if I wanted to pay $4 for a cheap one.  I said yes (and then Dawn paid for all the girls later) and Gwen chose the hot pink one over the silver one.  Breena was told the same thing and chose the silver tiara.

Then FG “pinked Gwen’s toes.”  That’s a Gwenism for painting her fingernails.  She doesn’t say it as much as she used to which makes me a little sad.  I loved it when she would ask me to pink her toes. 

The transformation was almost complete.  FG had Gwen hold her arms up so she could get the sash on.  Once the sash was adjusted the transformation was complete.  My baby was gone.  A Disney Diva sat in her place with the same voice that sounded really weird since it looked nothing like Gwen. 

After every princess was finally primped to perfection the fairy godmothers would announce them to the room and slowly spin the chair around.  “Presenting for the very first time, Princess Gwen!”  Everyone would clap and make a big deal out of it then the fairy godmother would turn her around again and open the curtain so she could see herself for the first time in the mirror.  I love the video I got of that part because even the professional photos couldn’t compare to the live action. 

The girls were called Princess the whole time they were in the store and back in the salon.  It was super cute.  Everything says Princess Gwen on it.  I love it.  Each princess also was given a pink backpack to hold all their stuff.  The rest of the makeup, nail polish, comb, brush, photo pass cards, and anything else the salon used on each girl.  The backpacks had different princesses on them.  Since Gwen was wearing her Cinderella dress she had Cinderella on her backpack.  I know Melina had Belle since she was wearing a yellow dress made by Grandma.  I’m not sure what Breena got since her dress (made by Grandma) was green. 

I made sure to thank Gwen’s fairy godmother for everything since she was so sweet and patient with Gwen.  She got Gwen to warm up very quickly and I was so appreciative of it because it was a magical experience for Gwen just like I had hoped it would be. 

I was satisfied but there was more.  A professional photographer took us into a back room and took more pictures.  I love how nice the photographers are at Disneyland.  They always allow parents to take their own pictures and nobody is ever pushy about purchasing the professional photographs.   Grandma bought the Goofy’s Kitchen package, Heath bought the Ariel’s Grotto package, and Dayleen bought the Princess package.  It just worked out that way! 


These are scans of the professional pictures Dayleen bought.  So cute right? 

The girls could not stop looking at themselves in the mirror.  I thought that was precious.  So many parents in the store had strong reactions to the salon.  Some wanted their girls to do it and some told their girls to get out of the store as quickly as possible before the devil himself grabbed them on their way out.  I thought it was fun.  I wanted nothing more than for Gwen to have fun.  I think beauty is more than skin deep and it’s not shallow to want to look nice on the outside.  This does not make me a Toddlers & Tiaras kind of parent.  That’s going too far. 

Speaking of Toddlers & Tiaras, Gwen was zapped by the end of this and with her new look she appeared to be a spoiled brat.  I think we were all embarrassed about what other people might think of her melting down the way she was in her stroller looking the way she did.  Mom, Dad, and Grandma were very impatient with her.  Looking back on it, I think it was her appearance that put us on edge.  If she looked like typical Gwen we would have understood that she spent over two hours in one place being fussed over and treated like she was much more mature than a two year old.  But because she looked the way she did her crankiness came off as total spoiled toddler in tiara! 

We got some lunch in her at the Storytellers Café and she was fine.  I loved our waiter there.  He was just awesome all the way around.  But my favorite was when he said that he liked Gwen and Breena’s look.  It made sense to him but Melina’s look was kind of scary.  “Like bibbidi bobbidi BOO!”  He apologized to her later and told her she did look good.  I thought Melina’s rock star princess look was perfect for her personality.  She was really cute. 

The whole experience was beyond what I had hoped for and dreamed of.  I’m so glad we did it.  And thanks again to Grandma for paying for it. 

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