Thursday, January 6, 2011

Curiosity Killed the Cat


So peaceful when she’s sleeping.  So busy when she’s awake. 

This girl keeps me on my toes that’s for sure.  I’m going to write down what happened today because Heath is right, it is pretty funny and one day I may laugh. 

I told her I was going to vacuum.  She hates the vacuum because it’s “too noisy and scary.”  I wasn’t surprised when she went to the opposite part of the house I was in.  After I finished upstairs I took the vacuum downstairs and Gwen went to her bedroom.  At least I thought that’s where she was going.  I finished up and saw the upstairs bathroom door shut with the light on.  That’s not normal.  We’re potty training and it’s going really well but she’s not independent yet! 

Me:  Gwen, what are you doing?
Gwen (from her bedroom):  Putting my panties on.

I decided not to ask why they were off.  I didn’t want to know.  After all, yesterday she streaked through the house while I was taking Gavin next door to carpool with the neighbors.  I told Parker I would give them baths after Gavin left.  Gwen chose not to listen to the “just a minute, keep your clothes on” part. 

As if what was behind the bathroom door was more important than a little girl putting her panties back on, I looked in the bathroom first.  Hurricane Gwen had been there. 

Me:  GWEN!  You don’t touch things in the bathroom!  That’s a no no! 
Gwen (from her bedroom):  Ok Mommy.

On her bedroom floor were all the rolls of toilet paper from the bathroom.  One had the wrapper torn off ready to be used while the wrapper was crumpled to the side.  The toothbrush holder was on the floor.  All the toothbrushes were scattered.  A travel sized hand lotion tube was open with the cap lying nearby.  The comb and a chapstick tube were also strewn about.  Just to the edge of that incriminating mess were the panties and shorts she was wearing earlier.  They were wet.  Gwen was leaning on her bed while trying to put a fresh pair of panties on. 

I lectured something about her naughty choices that I was not happy with.  I sent her to the naughty stair while I quickly put everything away.  Gavin’s toothbrush looked wet and it had flecks of white on the bristles.  Gwen’s toothbrush also had whiteness in it.  Their toothpaste is not white nor is toothpaste that soft.  Lotion? 

She looked genuinely sorry for what she had done.  I went into the kitchen and saw that she had taken the rest of Gavin’s candy out of the cupboard.  She had already sucked on one lollipop that was oozing stickiness onto the table.  The other lollipop hadn’t been opened yet.  I threw them both away.  For all I know that candy was leftover Halloween candy from school.  Gavin never seems to remember his candy or treats.  A chair had been pushed over to the stove so she could reach the pistachios that were being stored along the back of the counter like we had forgotten she can move chairs and can climb! 

The lecture continued.  She wasn’t listening.  Only waiting for me to stop talking so she could ask if she could have some fruit snacks and she held up a package to illustrate her point. 

Me:  Where did you get those fruit snacks?
Gwen:  Unintelligible whispers.
Me:  GWEN.  Where did you get these fruit snacks?
This went on for several seconds. 
Gwen:  In your purse.
Me:  I’m putting beads back in.

I put three beads back in the jar that she is trying to empty to earn her doll clothes.  She can earn four a day for being accident free at various times of the day.  I was mad.  Heath just laughed.  Well, I never laughed when Parker turned the water heater to vacation mode or used sidewalk chalk to color on the side of the house or the van.  But later I sure did. 

Me:  We have to go to the store now.
Gwen:  Oh boy! 

Ok fine.  I’m laughing.  Gwen is a mischievous mix of her brothers.  I guess I forgot what it’s like to have a curious toddler in the house. 

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