Monday, January 10, 2011

A Dark Dark Tale

Down a dark dark ramp . . . there is a dark dark room . . . through the dark dark room there is an even darker room . . . in the even darker room there is


a library.  Complete with a neon Exit sign and everything. 

Inside the library there is a


fireplace.  This keeps the room warm and it keeps the room from being too dark.  On top of the fireplace is a picture of a prince.  But he was arrogant and selfish so a witch put a spell on him and now he’s a hideous beast.  He’s still pretty mean so really we shouldn’t be in here.  Shh . . .

Across from the fireplace is a dark dark corner.  In the dark dark corner there is


an enchanted book.  The enchanted book asks enchanted questions that tell you which character you are most like. 


Cogsworth is in an enchanted mirror that takes your picture.  This mirror only takes pictures.  It does not tell you who is the fairest in the land.  Unless my mirror lied . . .

Anyway, the book has an enchanted bookmark with enchanted pictures to touch to answer questions.  Once all the questions are answered the character you are most like is revealed.  A list of characteristics are also listed.  It’s eerily perceptive. 

Parker was Flick (Main character in A Bug’s Life)

Gavin was Jane (cute British girl in Tarzan)  Gavin swears he touched the sir picture instead of the mademoiselle picture.  Hmmm . . . Other than him being most like a girl the other characteristics were spot on.  Maybe Gavin is a male version of Jane. 

I was Mulan (Main character in Mulan – one of two Disney movies I cannot stand!  The other is Pocahontas because it is so obnoxiously historically inaccurate.)  Despite my animosity toward Mulan the characteristics actually described me really well.  The one that sticks out in my mind is the one that said I would do anything to protect my family.  True.  I have done some crazy things to protect my family. 

Heath was Jiminy Cricket (wise friend in Pinocchio) 

Gwen was Maleficent (evil witch in Sleeping Beauty)  You can’t make this stuff up!  I think what happened here was that Gwen insisted on touching the pictures herself.  So when the question was asked, “Would you rather eat lunch with nice people or eat nice people for lunch?” Gwen chose to eat nice people.  All these weeks later and I’m still laughing about that one. 

We had to quickly leave the dark dark room because Maleficent er Gwen was having an evil tantrum.  Lucky for us the Beast did not find out we were in his library so all was well.  But I heard the spell was broken when some pretty girl fell in love with him.  I’m just not sure why Cogsworth and Lumiere didn’t change back to their original selves.  Anyway, this concludes the dark dark tale.  The End.

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

That was a fun activity. Barry too was like the guy from antz I don't remember off hand who I was but today I feel like the wicked witch. My head has ached since last Friday but since I often have headaches it is not considered a symptom of anything. GRRRR

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I'm sorry your head hurts and that it just means that your head hurts. But you brought up an interesting idea with feeling like the wicked witch. I have great sympathy for villains. I like to figure out why they are the way they are. Maybe Malifecent didn't start out as some mean, evil woman. Maybe she just felt yucky and took it out on Sleeping Beauty. With a name like Malifecent, what else was she supposed to do?

By the way, Gavin was near tears this morning because he misses his grandpa so much. Just thought I would pass that one on to you both.