Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just a Ride

Tell someone afraid of heights that Soaring Over California is “just a ride!”  Actually, that ride made me a little nervous.  One of those rides that reminds you that you’re alive.  We did it twice and I was very impressed the first time and able to enjoy that it was just a ride the second time.  Gavin never really liked it either time.  It calmed Gwen down the first time so we went again when she was tired and at the end of her rope.  She cried until the end when Tinkerbell finally showed up then she cried that the ride was over.  I guess you never can win with tired two year olds! 

We had a lot of fun riding rides at Disneyland at Christmas.  I loved all the Christmas details everywhere. 


Sleeping Beauty’s castle was a beautiful sight of icicles and lights.  The self guided tour was fun.


This tree was right outside our hotel.


It’s a Small World was decked out in holiday trim both inside and out.  Unfortunately we didn’t ever get any pictures of the inside.  A medley of Christmas songs and the traditional It’s a Small World played throughout the ride.  I love this ride!  We were able to watch the light show one night and Heath got pictures on his phone.  Music plays while Christmas images are displayed like a changing hologram over the walls. 

Some rides we did this time that we hadn’t before were the Indiana Jones ride.  Parker and I went on it first. 

It took us 10 minutes to get to the ride even though there was no line.  That’s just how long it took to wind through the rope.  We kept walking and walking and twisting and turning through the cave until we finally stopped at the cars at the end.  That was the best part of Disneyland, the short lines! 

We got in the jeep with some other people and prepared for the crazy, bumpy ride.  I was laughing the whole time holding onto the bar so my brain wouldn’t jostle out.  I told Parker to hold onto the bar but he could barely reach it.  Towards the end of the ride he said he was a little scared.  When it was over I asked if he liked it. 

Parker:  Yes. 
Me:  Should we tell Gavin he should go on it?
P:  Yes.
putting his hand by his mouth like he was sharing a secret he whispered
P:  It’s just a trick!

What a booger!  That kid makes me laugh.  I knew Gavin would hate it and Gwen was too short.  Heath and I went together on our “date night” while Grandma and Grandpa wrestled the kids into bed.  There was a line but it was really short.  We got to skip a lot of it when they were calling up, “Two?  Two?”  We were the first couple, the rest of the people were part of larger groups.  We were able to go down the stairs in front of everyone and hop right into the back of a jeep waiting for us. 

Heath and I also went on The Matterhorn because there was no way the boys would ever do that ride.  Too bad because I thought it was awesome.  We also did the Rocky Mountain Railway (is that even the name?  I can’t remember)  just the two of us.  Those two rides are the only rides anyone has died on at Disneyland.  People who were improperly secured in the ride if at all.  We thought it was so daring to do both of those rides in a row!  I loved sitting in the back of the train and screaming a couple seconds after everyone else. 


Someone had told us not to take our kids on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride because it was dark, scary, and you go to hell at the end.  So we didn’t do that ride in the spring.  Heath and I went on it and knew the kids would love it.  We took them on it twice they loved it so much.  I took Gavin both times and told him he could drive.  He sat forward in the seat, gripping the wheel tightly, and tried to keep up with all the twists and turns.  I wish I knew the story the ride is based on because it was pretty wild and fun. 


Gwen’s favorite ride was Dumbo. 

We also tried Pinocchio’s ride since we missed it before.  I found it too dark, lighting wise.  I could barely see anything. 


This steamboat ride was really cool.  I also learned that Mark Twain were the sweetest words these boats could hear because it meant the river was deep enough.  Later it became Samuel Clemens’ nom de plum.  Cool right?  We sat in the very front.  You see those chairs?  That’s where we sat.  It was very Titanic I’m flying-esque.  No, it was a great place to enjoy the ride. 

We rode the Monorail several times to get back and forth between the park and the hotel.  The last time we rode it we asked the conductor if we could sit in the very front with him.  He was happy to have us up there.  That was really cool.  The boys weren’t so sure because the conductor was teasing them and asking how many times they wanted it to go upside down and whether they wanted it to go fast or super duper fast.  He was a really nice guy.  That was a fun ride back to the hotel to get Gwen ready for her debut at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which I promise I will post about soon. 

I would have to say that having four days to do things was much better than the three we took in the spring.  We had plenty of time to do all the rides we wanted to do and see all the shows we wanted to and even chill in the hotel periodically to dry out and try again.  We went on the rides we missed last time that we wanted to do.  Although nobody would go with me on California Screaming.  Bummer.  I still want to do that one at least once.  Just to say I did it. 

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Dawn said...

I too think four days is just about right and I loved that we stayed in the Disneyland Hotel. That was a dream I had and it was worth every penny. Of course, the crackers and water we are living on for the next couple of months may be a problem.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Hey I've still got some Nutella if you want some to go with your crackers and water. Nutella and Saltines should be a good combination right?