Monday, January 17, 2011

Saving Face

It had been a long day.  He had worked for 12 hours and was beyond ready to go home.  What would you do if you were tired?  Would you hail a cab or walk a mile to the BART station?  Good choice, he hailed a cab too. 

The cab driver dropped him off at the BART station where he paid and told the driver to keep the change.  Freedom was close and it never smelled so good.  Joy would be short lived though.  Halfway down the escalator he started patting himself down.  Where was his wallet?  No really.  Where was his wallet?

The cab. 

He could give a Kentucky derby racehorse a run for the money the way he ran up the stairs, taking them three at a time.  What luck!  The cab was still on the street.  It was only about a quarter block away so he sprinted for it.  Of course the light turned green seconds before he got to the cab.  Wait, what’s this?  The car stopped as if picking someone up.  There was still hope.  More sprinting.  Gold medals should be awarded to those who perform the best under pressure.  Adrenaline kept his lungs from feeling any sense of explosion.  The car was only teasing him though since it pulled back onto the street as suddenly as it had pulled over.  Hope disappeared as the car went around the corner. 

Oh crap! 

No need for panic.  He pulled out his trusty cell phone and called Yellow Cab.  It was a Yellow Cab right?  Yes, it must have been.  A nice woman finally answered the phone.  He explained how he accidentally left his wallet in the cab he just got out of.  She put him on hold to get the necessary paperwork.  While he waited he patted himself down again, just to be sure. 

You have got to be kidding!  There was the wallet in his pocket where it belongs. 

The nice woman came back on the line and asked questions.  He had just ran the length of a BART train chasing after a car for no reason at all, apparently.  What would you do in this situation?  Would you admit your folly? 

Neither did he.  He answered each and every question as if nothing had happened.  She assured him they would do the best they could to recover the wallet.  He got on the BART train and headed home, laughing at himself.  He laughed harder when he thought it probably wasn’t even a Yellow Cab.  The thought of that company grilling the cab drivers and all of them saying, “I never picked anyone up at Levi’s Plaza and dropped them off at the Montgomery BART station,” was too crazy. 

Oh well. 

The wallet was where it belonged.  In the end that’s all that really matters.  Face saved. 

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