Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Screen Time

I’m suffering from a bad case of writer’s block.  So bad, in fact, that termites have chewed my block until it resembles a small pile of sawdust.  Kind of like the sawdust that the elementary school janitor would sprinkle over vomit in the hallway to absorb the moisture and smell. 

Every once in a while I get writer’s block.  Each and every time I do I think of Joey Tribiani from Friends talking about how he moved to be alone with his thoughts then says, “I don’t have as many thoughts as you would think!”  That always makes me laugh.  I guess I periodically run out of nothing to talk about.  Yes, I meant to say it that way.  I pride myself on writing as much as I do about nothing.  However, the nothing ideas are ever so missing.  There’s not even a Say What post percolating in my draft folder. 

I blame screen time.  The family TV died which has completely changed how we spend our screen time.  I have to work out downstairs which makes me feel exposed and more concerned about what the kids are doing than what I am doing for myself.  Plus, they watch me.  Even though they are praising me and clapping when an exercise is finished I find it invasive.  It’s amazing what a baby gate in the doorway can do for one’s perspective.  Stepping over the gate is like stepping into a cloak of invisibility and anonymity.  When a sectional couch is all that separates me from the rest of my family, especially when half of them are sitting on it staring at me, I may as well workout at the gym with the public display I have become. 

Another wrinkle in our screen time is I don’t watch the news anymore.  The news was always something I had on as I went through my morning routine.  It woke up my mind and helped me keep track of time.  If the newscasters weren’t announcing the time every two minutes I could look at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and see the time myself.  There’s also a pattern to the morning news that I found comforting.  I don’t even know the weather from day to day nor do I know any statistics of the unseasonably cold winter we’re having.  I have to look out the window and hope for the best. 

Forget about all that with the news.  The biggest problem with me not attempting to stay informed of current events is I have run out of things to write about.  Some of my favorite posts were conceived with a ridiculous news story, even if the end product had nothing to do with the news.  Was the news my muse?  Quite possibly. 

One would think that with all the screens I have in my house I could find something to spark my creativity.  Isn’t it amazing how technologically dependent people have become?  Multiple televisions – I fought that one for a long time and now I can’t live without the TV in my room!  Computer screens, cell phones, PDA’s, etc.  So many screens to entertain us. 

There is one story I want to write but when I attempted it yesterday I realized it needs to marinate a little longer.  Until then I’ll wait for my normal life to take on blog worthy nothingness where I turn coincidences into The Bogey Man and the like. 

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Dawn said...

Nice job on nothingness